Princess Buttercup Costume

Princess Buttercup Costume

You will need the following items for your Princess Buttercup Halloween costume:

  1. Medieval Red Dress
  2. Leather Dark Green Gloves
  3. Long Blonde Wig
  4. Rose Gold Wedding Tiara
  5. White Flat Shoes

Living as a farm girl in Florin, Princess Buttercup is the real love of Westley.  Although Buttercup is vain and childlike, she is relentless, spirited, and impressible. She stands by horrified when Westley battles the, however, she does not appear to be particularly brave. Ironically, her lack of self-control leads to more problems when she provokes Humperdinck into torturing Westley.

Get the look of the beautiful Princess Buttercup by dressing up in a medieval red dress, a gold sash, dark green leather gloves, and flat white shoes. If you don't have long blonde hair, get an appropriate wig to complete your look.

How To Dress Like Princess Buttercup From The Princess Bride

Princess Buttercup Halloween Costume

Dress like Princess Buttercup;

Princess Buttercup Costume: Even though her title suggests the opposite, her costume is easy to put together.

The most important piece of your costume is a red dress with loose sleeves and a rippling skirt. A prop of her dress would be ideal; otherwise you will also need a gold sash around your waist. The Princess Buttercup wears dark green leather gloves, so you will need them to achieve the look. You will also not want to skip the jeweled gold-toned crown on her head. Not to mention, her shoes. A simple pair of flat white shoes are what she wears. It would be perfectly fine to wear a pair of neutral white flats.

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