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Ben Hopkins Halloween Costume

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Dress Like Coach Ben Hopkins From Hoops

Dress Like Coach Ben Hopkins From Hoops

Dress like Coach Ben Hopkins from Hoops;

Ben Hopkins Track Suit: We see Ben Hopkins almost always in his blue track suit which has horseshoe motif on left breast.

Ben Hopkins Shoes: Ben Hopkins wears white casual sneakers.

Ben Hopkins Accessories:  To complete your Ben Hopkin look you may want to give the zigzag look of his eyebrows.

Hoops Ben Hopkins Cosplay

Hoops Ben Hopkins Costume

Ben Hopkins is the leading character in the Netflix series Hoops. He's the angry, bad mouthed, selfish, careless coach of the Lenwood Colts, the Lenwood High School basketball team.

Hoops Ben Hopkins Costume

Ben has short brown hair and fair skin. He usually wears a blue tracksuit and white sneakers.
Hopkins is a bad mouthed person who is mad at everything. He's a pathetic, angry coach with a bad mouth who desperately wants to prove himself but is always looking for an easy way to get his job done. He is shameless and selfish and has the ability to do the right thing. Most of the time he fails.

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