TF2 Spy Costume

TF2 Spy Halloween Costume

Dress Like Spy From TF2

Dress like Spy from TF2

Dress like Spy from TF2;

TF2 Spy Dress Suits: Spy wears 2 different dress suits, one navy, and other brown with matching ties.

TF2 Spy Masks: Spy wears knit ski masks that matches his current dress suit.

TF2 Spy Accessories: To complete your TF2 Spy costume don't forget to get fake cigarettes, a training knife, leather gloves and black dress shoes.

TF2 Spy Cosplay

TF2 Spy Costume

Spy is a lover of suits and knives. With a unique selection of camouflage clocks, he can make himself invisible or even fake his own death and leave unconscious opponents unprepared. With his Disguise Kit, he can take on the form of a class in any team and blend in behind enemy lines before stabbing his unsuspecting "teammates" in the back.

TF2 Spy Costume

Not only can the spy quickly murder important enemies, but it can also deactivate and destroy buildings constructed by engineers with his pioneer. Once attached to an enemy building, the engineer deactivates the building and slowly depletes his health.

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