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Riverdale Betty Costume

Riverdale Betty Costume

Dress like Betty Cooper from Riverdale; Betty is a beautiful young woman with pale skin, shoulder-length blonde hair that she often wears in a tight ponytail, and soft, washed-out green eyes that match her pale skin. Her fashion taste is rather casual, yet feminine, often in skinny jeans, tailored sweaters and pale colors such as pink, white and blue. Once she wore pretty, revealing lingerie and a black wig, which was extremely unusual for Betty. This particular moment really spoke for her state of mind during the incident, which was reflected in her choice of clothing.

Riverdale Betty Cooper Halloween Costume

Riverdale Betty Cooper Halloween Costume

Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper is a main character in Riverdale from The CW. It is portrayed by Lili Reinhart.

Betty is a student at Riverdale High School and long-time best friend of Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Kevin Keller and Veronica Lodge. She is also River Vixen on Riverdale High and publisher of the register with her mother Alice Cooper. 

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She is also the aunt of Jason and Polly's twin babies. Betty is the youngest sibling of her sister Polly and her older half-brother Charles Smith. Most recently, Betty followed in her mother's footsteps when she joined the Southside Serpents with her boyfriend Jughead and made her the queen of snakes.

Contrary to her appearance that Betty is a pretty girl with blonde hair, she does not fit the cliché of a typical "quiet blonde" in any way. In fact, she is a straight student, which makes her one of the smartest students at Riverdale High School. Not to mention that she is a high-flyer. Betty tried to be the perfect student, daughter and sister to please everyone around her.

Many often see her as the perfect girl next door, an expression she hates as it couldn't be further from the truth. Mentally, Betty suffers from problems far worse than she suspects. She occasionally fights with anger and aggression, which often leads to clenching her fist so tightly that it leaves scars on the palms of her hands. This is not the only case where Betty loses control. She was once dressed in dark lingerie and a black wig to force Chuck Clayton to admit that he had lied about dating Veronica. During this incident, Betty seemed lost in the person she became. For a moment, she thought she was Polly and Chuck was Jason. Despite the darkness that surrounds Betty, she is still a loving person that people like to have by her side.

Betty also shows a lot of strength, courage and nerves. She is constantly fighting for her friends and family and will do anything to defend her loved ones. She is often impulsive and gets into situations that could have been imagined. She is not afraid to stand up for herself and even threaten people when time requires. She even rode the motorcycle very quickly to mislead the police that Archie was chasing, who was in a rough terrain of the forest, and showed her nerves and ability to drive such vehicles.

She is also a person who likes to make extra efforts when it comes to the people she is interested in. When she and Archie were kids, she hated the fact that the two had different grades, since Archie did terrible with some of his classes. So Betty worked with Archie by teaching him until he passed the grade just so they were in the same class together. She even went out of her way to give her boyfriend Jughead a 16th birthday party after telling her he never had one. However, this can often be bad, which can be seen when she blackmailed Cheryl with a shot of Jason Blossom's Death to testify for FP Jones

Betty was born from two journalists and has developed great club skills and a tireless commitment to the truth, at all costs, even at your own risk. This is shown repeatedly throughout the show as she delves deeper into the mysteries that torture the city. Betty is strong and brave when it comes to telling the truth when she is determined to do so. Trying to prove FP Jones innocent when he was arrested. Although she was humiliated for writing and publishing this article, she still wrote about FP Jones. It was inevitable that she was telling the truth on the 75th anniversary.

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