Enola Holmes Costume Guide

Enola Holmes, vividly brought to life by Millie Bobby Brown in the 2020 Netflix adaptation, is a character from Nancy Springer's book series. She stands out as the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes, characterized by her intelligence, resourcefulness, and a fierce nature. Enola's unique style, coupled with her intriguing personality, makes her an excellent choice for a Halloween costume, allowing wearers to channel her detective spirit and distinctive Victorian fashion​​.

Enola Holmes Costume Essentials

How To Dress Like Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes Halloween Costume

Embark on a journey to Victorian London by dressing as the iconic Enola Holmes. Capture her essence through attire that speaks of elegance, intelligence, and a hint of rebellious spirit.

  1. Victorian Era Dress: Choose a dress that echoes the Victorian era. Options include a vintage lace dress or a wine-red Victorian costume dress. Look for features like high necklines, long sleeves, and detailed trims.
  2. Accessories: Accentuate the costume with period-appropriate accessories:
    • For the classic look, a rhinestone braided sash belt and a vintage canvas small crossbody bag.
    • For the wine-red variant, a leaf necklace and a matching wine-red bag.
  3. Footwear: Select footwear that complements the Victorian theme:
    • Black tap shoes for the classic look.
    • Brown Victorian booties for the wine-red variant.
  4. Hairstyle: Style your hair in loose, natural waves to mimic Enola’s look. Use a long brown wig if necessary to achieve the correct length and style.
  5. Finishing Touches: Complete the costume with additional touches like a matching jacket or coat for layering, and a petticoat or hoop skirt for the authentic Victorian silhouette

Enola Holmes Cosplay

Enola Holmes Cosplay

Channeling Enola Holmes at a Halloween party means embracing her clever, inquisitive, and bold persona. Here's how you can bring her character to life.

How to Act Like Enola Holmes at the Halloween Party:

  1. Stay Curious: Reflect Enola's intelligence by engaging in meaningful conversations and showing a keen interest in learning.
  2. Be Resourceful: Demonstrate quick thinking and problem-solving skills, just as Enola would.
  3. Show Determination: Exhibit the strong, unwavering character of Enola, staying confident and persistent.
  4. Use Wit: Let Enola's sharp wit and cleverness shine through in your interactions.
  5. Stand for Justice: Embody Enola's passion for justice and equality, standing up for what's right at the party

About Enola Holmes

About Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes, a character created by Nancy Springer, is the younger sister of the famed detective Sherlock Holmes. First introduced in the book series "The Enola Holmes Mysteries," Enola is a smart, resourceful, and fiercely independent young woman who becomes a detective in her own right. Her story gained wider popularity through the 2020 Netflix adaptation, where she was portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown. Enola's character breaks the norms of Victorian society, displaying intelligence and wit while solving mysteries that often outshine those solved by her older brother. She embodies a blend of youthful energy, cleverness, and a strong sense of justice, making her an inspiring figure for many

Enola Holmes' journey from a young, unconventional girl to a skilled detective is deeply reflected in her costume choices, which evolve throughout her story. Initially, Enola's attire is typical of a young Victorian lady, with intricate lace dresses and structured silhouettes, symbolizing the societal constraints she faces. As she embarks on her adventures, her costumes become more practical and less conforming, illustrating her growing independence and defiance against traditional norms. I suggest paying close attention to how her costumes shift in response to her experiences – from disguises that aid in her detective work to outfits that showcase her boldness in breaking free from societal expectations. This evolution in her wardrobe is not just a change in style, but a visual narrative of her transformation into a self-assured, intelligent, and resourceful detective.

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Suitability and Recommendations

Enola Holmes Outfits
  1. Audience Suitability: The Enola Holmes costume is most suitable for fans of mystery, Victorian-era fashion, and strong female characters. It's an excellent choice for those who wish to embody a character that represents intelligence, independence, and resilience.
  2. Event Appropriateness: This costume is versatile for various occasions, from Halloween parties and cosplay events to themed gatherings. Its historical aspect adds an educational element, making it a great choice for school events or book-themed parties.
  3. Adaptation for Different Skill Levels: For beginners in costume-making or those unfamiliar with Victorian fashion, start with the basic elements like the dress and gradually add accessories. More experienced individuals can focus on the finer details, such as period-accurate sewing patterns and fabric choices.
  4. Personalization Tips: Personalize the costume by choosing colors and accessories that resonate with your interpretation of Enola. Experiment with different hairstyles or makeup styles that reflect the Victorian era yet add a modern twist.
  5. Capturing Enola's Essence: Beyond the physical costume, embodying Enola's spirit is crucial. I suggest focusing not just on the visual aspects but also on portraying her characteristics, like her wit, intelligence, and courageous nature. This will elevate the costume from merely a clothing choice to a full character representation, making it more impactful and memorable.

Creative Customization Tips for Enola Holmes Costume

Dress Like Enola Holmes
  1. Accessorizing with a Twist: Enhance Enola's classic Victorian look with modern touches. Consider adding steampunk elements like gear-shaped earrings or a vintage watch, blending the old with the new for a unique twist.
  2. DIY Elements: For those who enjoy crafting, creating a DIY accessory, like a hand-painted satchel or a custom-made hat, can add a personal touch to the costume. This not only personalizes the outfit but also allows for creative expression.
  3. Mix-and-Match Approach: Combine elements from different Victorian outfits to create a unique version of Enola's costume. Mixing patterns, fabrics, and colors can reflect her unconventional and independent nature.

Group Costume Synergies

Enola Holmes and her brothers
Enola Holmes and her brothers


  1. The Holmes Detective Family: Create a captivating group costume by including Enola Holmes, her brother Sherlock, and Mycroft Holmes. Each character offers a different slice of Victorian detective style – Enola with her adventurous spirit, Sherlock with his iconic detective look, and Mycroft as the more traditional government official. This group costume not only showcases a variety of Victorian fashions but also brings to life the intriguing dynamics of the Holmes family.
  2. Victorian Literary Figures: Expand the group theme to include other famous characters or real personalities from the Victorian era. Imagine a group featuring Enola Holmes alongside characters like Charles Dickens, Queen Victoria, or other fictional figures such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This ensemble allows for a rich exploration of Victorian culture and literature, offering a diverse range of costumes and personalities.
  3. Adventures with Fellow Detectives: Partner Enola with other renowned detectives from literature or film for a thrilling detective duo or group. This could include characters like Maudie Miller, Inspector Gadget, or even Rycroft Philostrate. Such a group would not only be visually striking but also offer numerous opportunities for interactive storytelling and playful rivalry at any costume event.

Each group costume idea enhances the individual experience of dressing as Enola Holmes by situating her within a broader narrative and cultural context, making for a more immersive and memorable Halloween or cosplay experience.

FAQs and Troubleshooting for Enola Holmes Costume

Enola Holmes Dress Up
  1. Difficulty Finding Victorian Clothes: If you're struggling to find authentic Victorian clothing, consider altering modern clothes with lace, ribbons, or other period-appropriate decorations. Sewing patterns for Victorian dresses are also available online for those who wish to create their own.
  2. Wig Styling Challenges: If you're using a wig and find it difficult to style, seek tutorials online or visit a costume shop for advice. Remember, Enola's hairstyle is relatively simple and natural, so a loosely styled wig works well.
  3. Comfort in Period Footwear: Victorian-style footwear can be uncomfortable. Look for shoes with cushioned insoles or wear low-heeled boots for better comfort without compromising the look.
  4. Costume Durability: For issues related to costume durability, especially if you're attending an outdoor event, reinforce seams and choose sturdy fabrics. A little extra time spent on reinforcing your costume can go a long way in ensuring it lasts through the event.

Addressing these common concerns can help ensure your Enola Holmes costume is both authentic and comfortable, allowing you to fully enjoy your event without any wardrobe worries.


In conclusion, creating an Enola Holmes costume offers a delightful blend of historical fashion and character embodiment. Whether you're crafting the costume from scratch or assembling it from various sources, remember that the essence of Enola lies in her intelligence, resourcefulness, and independence.

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