Enola Holmes Costume

Enola Holmes Costume

You need the following items for your Enola Holmes Halloween costume:

  1. Vintage Lace Dress
  2. Rhinestone Braided Sash Belt
  3. Long Brown Wig
  4. Vintage Canvas Small Crossbody Bag
  5. Black Tap Shoe

  1. Wine Red Victorian Costume Dress
  2. Leaf Necklace
  3. Wine Red Vintage Canvas Small Crossbody Bag
  4. Brown Victorian Bootie

Enola is 20 years younger sister of Sherlock Holmes and eponymous character of Enola Holes series. Unlike most other girls of that time, Enola is a headstrong woman who likes defending herself and solving mysteries. In some scenes it was made clear that, she was a better at solving mysteries than her famous brother, Sherlock.

To cosplay Enola Holmes, dress up in a vintage, Victorian wine red dress, brown Victorian booties and a leaf necklace.

Detectives mostly work alone, but why don't you get your brother, boyfriend, or husband to cosplay alongside  Enola as Sherlock Holmes.  Sherlock and Enola couples costume is always a fashionable and smart looking couples costume idea which will get you a lot of compliments at the Halloween party.

How To Dress Like Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes Halloween Costume

Dress like Enola Holes;

Enola Holmes Costume: In the movie, we see our beloved Enola in a couple of great outfits. Even though all of them are fantastic, the red dress costume and beige lace dress costumes are the most distinguished ones of all. To get her wine red dress look, head to a costume store for the dress and shoes. 

For the lace beige dress look, it is possible to find a similar dress at a retail store, if you can't check online for the dress and other items.

Enola Holmes Halloween Costume

Enola is a beautiful, young girl who is confused about why her mother left. Back then, she was raised differently from the way most girls were raised, and she liked to stand up for herself and what she believed in, which even own brother Mycroft didn't approve. Throughout the movie, we can see that Enola is smart, able to solve mysteries even faster than her famous older brother Sherlock and, like Tewkesbury, can defend herself while helping others in the process. Loving and passionate, ready to take big risks for her loved ones, like jumping off a train and heading towards Dowager Lady Basilwether even with a gun pointed at her. Enola grows very large during her ordeal and shows maturity, determination, and self-confidence. She recognizes herself as a detective even at a young age and knows that she is responsible for her life, which was not usual in those days.

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