Baby Boss Costume

Boss Baby Costume

How To Dress Like Boss Baby

Boss Baby Outfits

Dress like the Boss Baby;

Boss Baby is transferred to the comfortable Templeton family as the second child and younger son to restore the babies' love. The oldest Templeton boy named Tim, seven and a half years old, discovers his secret and is annoyed that he took his parents' attention and love. As much as Boss rejects Baby Tim at the beginning, he agrees to accept his help to stay in his position as boss. Finally he warms up to the older boy.

At the end of the film, he becomes Janice and Ted Templeton's younger son and Tim Templeton's younger brother.

Boss Baby Halloween Costume

Boss Baby Halloween Costume

Boss Baby is shown as a professional child with a childish touch. For example, he calls Tim "the K-I-D" when the former spies on him. He seems to have a good head for business, as he still wears a businessman suit in the afterword. Boss Baby is also order-loving and goal-oriented.

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