Bibi From Brawl Stars Costume

Brawl Stars Bibi Costume

You need the following items for your Bibi Halloween costume:

  1. Moto Biker Jacket
  2. Pink Yoga Shirts
  3. Black Crop Tank
  4. Aluminum Baseball Bat
  5. Black Skinny Jeans
  6. Brooches
  7. Midnight Blue Short Straight Wig
  8. Pink Bubble Sugar
  9. Black Combat Boots

You can look at our guide to have the costume of Bibi, the powerful warrior of Brawl Stars, which has become very popular among mobile games in recent years. You can also dress up as Brawl Stars characters on Halloween and have more fun with your friends.


How To Dress Like Bibi From Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Halloween Cosplay Costume

Dress like Bibi;

Bibi Costume: For your Bibi Halloween costume, you will need a moto biker jacket, a pink yoga shirt, skinny jeans, a black crop tank and black combat boots.

Bibi Accessories: To complete your Bibi, don't forget to get a midnight blue short straight wig, an aluminum baseball bat and last but not least, brooches.


Bibi Halloween Costume

Bibi Cosplay Costume Guide

Bibi is a Strong Brawler with quite a lot of health, moderately high damage output, and high movement speed but a low range. Bibi attacks by swinging her baseball bat at wide, close range. It charges the Home Run bar with all ammo, and charging it will cause its next attack to fend off enemies. Bibi's Super sends out a balloon that keeps moving and bouncing off walls until it disappears. Her first Gadget, Vitamin Booster, increases her health over time. His Second Device, Extra Sticky, causes his next Super to slow enemies. The first Star Power Home Run increases movement speed when the Home Run bar is loaded. His Second Star Power Strike Stance grants him a powerful shield when the Home Run Bar is loaded.

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