Dress Like Harry Powell

Harry Powell Costume


You will need the following items for your Harry Powell Halloween costume:

  1. Black Suit Set
  2. White Dress Shirt
  3. Black Western Hat
  4. Black Suit Vest
  5. Finger Tattoos (LOVE & HATE)
  6. Pocket Watch
  7. Camping Pocket Knife
  8. Black Colonel Tie
  9. Black Leather Oxford Dress Shoes

Criminal characters always attract attention and arouse curiosity at Halloween. Check out our Harry Powell costume guide to get this look. Don't forget the Love and Hate tattoo associated with Harry Powell.


How To Dress Like Harry Powell From The Night of the Hunter

Harry Powell Cosplay Costume

Dress like Harry Powell;

Harry Powell Costume: For your Harry Powell Halloween costume, you will need a black suit set, a white dress shirt, a black suit vest and black leather oxford dress shoes.

Harry Powell Accessories: To complete your Harry Powell, don't forget to get a black western hat, a pocket watch, finger tattoos, a camping pocket knife and last but not least, a black colonel tie.


Harry Powell Halloween Costume

Harry Powell Costume Guide

Powell is a self-proclaimed traveling preacher who is also a con man and serial killer. He tattooed "LOVE" on the knuckles of one hand and "HATE" on the other, using his fingers to convey this fact to his victims in a sermon about the eternal struggle between good and evil. By spreading the gospel up and down the Ohio River in the late 1920s and early 1930s, he won the trust of wealthy widows, married them, and then killed them for their money. Driven by a fanatical hatred of women and sex, she believes she is doing God's work. He travels along the river through the West Virginia and Ohio countryside, leaving behind a string of murdered women, until he is arrested in Parkersburg for grand theft auto and sent to the state prison in Moundsville.

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