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How To Dress Like StickyBM

StickyBM Cosplay

Dress like StickyBM;

He wears a dark shaded magenta hoodie with a hood over his head and also has an eye patch with some sort of eye design. He wears blue jeans and has red sneakers. He welds a green mic in his old version, or two green mics in his new version, with a green shamrock over them. During his old-up pose, he wears cool black sunglasses for no particular reason.

StickyBM Halloween Costume

StickyBM Halloween Costume

Jeppe, known by his more popular online alias StickyBM (or just Sticky), is a popular YouTuber. He streams a lot of games, but mostly he streams Friday Night Funkin. He is also a voice actor and has voiced various mod characters including Antipathy Hank and Shadow from Tails Gets Trolled. In this mod he replaces Boyfriend.

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