Bruno Madrigal Costume

Bruno Madrigal Costume

You need the following items for your Bruno Madrigal Halloween costume:

  1. Burgundy Flannel Shirt
  2. Burgundy Casual Pant
  3. Bruno Madrigal Poncho
  4. Black Fluffy Wig
  5. Plush Mouse
  6. Black Flip-Flop

Having the ability of foresight, Bruno attracted the fear and hatred of the village to himself. People thought Bruno was the one to blame for the bad things happening to them, even though he wasn't even willing to accept his visions.

Cosplay Bruno Madrigal by dressing up in a burgundy long sleeve flannel shirt, burgundy pants, a fluffy black shoulder-length wig, and a green poncho. You can also consider a plush mouse to complete your awesome Bruno Halloween costume.

OK... Bruno is an outcast who befriends mouses and all other strange behaviors. But you can have more fun with friends and family. Get the village together by dressing them as Isabela, Dolores, or Mirabel alongside Bruno for a great group costume.

How To Dress Like Bruno From Encanto

Bruno Madrigal Halloween Costume

Dress like Bruno from Encanto;

Bruno Costume: To get the Bruno look, head to a local retail store a burgundy flannel shirt, burgundy casual pants if you don't already have them. You can check online for Bruno's poncho and a fluffy wig, last but not least check your local costume shop for a plush mouse to complete your Bruno Madrigal look. 

Bruno Madrigal Halloween Costume

Compared to his sisters Juliet and Pepa, Bruno is quite short. He has distinctly pale skin, hazel green eyes, and messy, curly, black hair. There are eye bags under the eyes. His irises glow green when he uses his skill. He usually wears a reddish-brown shirt with cuffed elbows and dark trousers. To symbolize his gift, he wears a dark green patterned hoodie and a green poncho with an hourglass print. His clothes are visibly tattered: his poncho is coarse and his shirt collar open and loose, giving him a shaggy, messy look. Bruno is also sometimes seen with numerous mice hiding on his shoulders or inside his poncho.

About Bruno Madrigal

As a consequence of the nature of his foresight, Bruno was marked by both the village and his family as someone who “does bad things” even though he is not the desired bearer of news. Despite being feared by almost the whole village, Bruno is kind-hearted, caring, and fiercely loyal to his family. He can also be quite funny. Although he is described as a cruel and mean person, Bruno is actually a quiet and shy man who, like his sister Pepa, easily gets angry and suffers from anxiety. Bruno is introduced in the film as insecure and evasive, believing that the gift he was born with only brings trouble. However, once he is fully accepted into his family, he becomes more cheerful and hopeful. Bruno is also shown to be kind to animals, similar to his nephew Antonio, who is the youngest child. He made friends with the mice that lived within the walls of Casa Madrigal, shared with them how little food he had, and enjoyed their company. When the house falls apart, he takes the rats with him before fleeing. Bruno also quickly goes to Antonio's animal friends, allowing Chispi to join vision, whom he shoots before his vision hangs off his shoulder. He was also kind to the horse he had probably found and ridden to find Mirabel and Alma after the destruction of the Casita. As a result of 10 years of living in solitary confinement within the walls of Casa Madrigal, Bruno hit the boards, stumbled, and developed an identity that was not afraid of anything. 'Hernando' and 'Jorge' developed two alternative identities, while developing strange behavior. He was also busy with other activities, such as befriending some rats to keep him company, in addition to being isolated. Although he claims to be good at being isolated from his family, Bruno actually misses them and wants to be with them, despite their negative perception of him. He also has a complicated relationship with her mother, Alma, due to the fact that his gift did not meet her expectations. According to Mirabel, she saw only the worst in him. Due to his mother's difficult attitude, Bruno frightened his mother and tried to avoid her, although he wanted to flatter her.
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