Bruno Madrigal Costume Guide

Welcome to a thrilling costume journey where you'll transform into Bruno Madrigal, the enigmatic and beloved character from Disney's "Encanto." Bruno, with his unique foresight ability and distinctive style, presents a fantastic opportunity for an unforgettable Halloween costume. This guide will lead you through every step of becoming Bruno Madrigal, from his iconic outfit to his quirky personality traits. Embrace the spirit of Encanto and get ready to delve into the world of Bruno, a character as mysterious as he is endearing. Prepare to step into the shoes of the Madrigal family's misunderstood visionary for a Halloween adventure that promises to be as magical as the character himself.

Bruno Madrigal Costume Essentials

You will need the following items for your Bruno Madrigal Halloween costume:

  1. Burgundy Flannel Shirt
  2. Burgundy Casual Pant
  3. Bruno Madrigal Poncho
  4. Black Fluffy Wig
  5. Plush Mouse
  6. Black Flip-Flop
Dolores Madrigal
Mirabel Madrigal
Isabela Madrigal

How To Dress Like Bruno From Encanto

Bruno Madrigal Halloween Costume

Creating the perfect Bruno Madrigal costume involves capturing his distinct, somewhat disheveled look from Disney's "Encanto." Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Outfit Essentials: Begin with Bruno's core attire. A burgundy long-sleeve flannel shirt paired with casual burgundy pants lays the foundation. This color scheme is central to Bruno's character design in the film.
  2. The Signature Poncho: Bruno's iconic green poncho, marked with hourglass prints and cuffed at the elbows, is vital. It symbolizes his gift of foresight and adds a unique touch to the costume.
  3. Hair and Makeup: A black fluffy wig, preferably shoulder-length and slightly unkempt, captures Bruno's wild hair. Use makeup to add gray streaks, prominent eye bags, and light freckles, creating a worn and rugged appearance that mirrors Bruno's.
  4. Footwear: Simple black flip-flops will suffice. This choice aligns with Bruno's humble and unpretentious persona.
  5. Finishing Touches: Carry a plush mouse to represent Bruno's companions in the film. If you're feeling creative, consider adding elements that mimic his green glowing irises when he uses his powers.

Bruno Madrigal Cosplay

Bruno Madrigal Cosplay

To fully embody Bruno Madrigal at a Halloween party, it’s crucial to capture his personality through your actions and demeanor. Here's your guide:

How to Act Like Bruno Madrigal at a Halloween Party

  1. Gentle and Caring Nature: Bruno is known for his kindness and empathy. Display these traits by being considerate and helpful to others at the party.
  2. Humorous and Playful: Despite his complexities, Bruno has a lighthearted side. Engage in playful banter or crack jokes to keep the mood light and enjoyable.
  3. Introverted and Nervous: True to Bruno’s character, exhibit a degree of shyness or nervousness. This adds a layer of authenticity to your portrayal.
  4. Forgiving and Understanding: Bruno is not one to hold grudges. Show a forgiving attitude towards any mishaps or misunderstandings at the party.
  5. Quirky and Unique: Embrace your individual quirks just as Bruno does. This could include unique mannerisms or behaviors that make your character portrayal more intriguing and memorable.

About Bruno Madrigal

About Bruno Madrigal

Bruno Madrigal, a deeply layered character from Disney's "Encanto," is as intriguing as he is misunderstood. Here's an insightful look into who Bruno is:

  • Gift of Foresight: Bruno possesses the magical ability to see into the future. This rare gift, while extraordinary, has often been misconstrued, leading to his isolation from both his family and the village.
  • Misunderstood Figure: Despite his remarkable ability, Bruno's foresight often brought fear and misunderstanding. He was unfairly blamed for bad omens and mishaps, resulting in his becoming an outcast.
  • Personality Traits: Bruno is a complex character; he is kind-hearted, caring, and deeply devoted to his family. However, his abilities and the subsequent misinterpretation by others have led him to become reserved and somewhat anxious.
  • Physical Appearance: Bruno's physical traits are distinctive. He has long, curly, and unkempt black hair with gray streaks, a large nose, light freckles, and a thin, unshaven mustache. His attire, especially his green poncho with hourglass prints, is a key element of his character.
  • Relationship with Animals: Just like his nephew Antonio, Bruno shows a fondness for animals. He befriends the rats living within the walls of Casa Madrigal, sharing his space and food with them.
  • Underlying Qualities: Despite the hardships he faces due to his gift, Bruno's love and loyalty towards his family never waver. He remains a protective and selfless figure, willing to sacrifice his own well-being for the sake of his loved ones.

Understanding Bruno Madrigal's character is crucial for those looking to accurately portray him in a costume. His unique traits, from his magical abilities to his complex personality and relationships, make him an intriguing and empathetic character to emulate.

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Who Should Consider this Costume Idea

Bruno Madrigal Dress Up

The Bruno Madrigal costume is a great choice for various individuals, especially those who resonate with his character from Disney's "Encanto." Here are some who might find this costume ideal:

  1. "Encanto" Fans: Admirers of the movie will undoubtedly enjoy the opportunity to bring one of its most complex characters to life.
  2. Introverts and Observers: Individuals who identify with Bruno's reserved and observant nature will find this costume a perfect fit for expressing these traits.
  3. Animal Lovers: Bruno's affinity for animals, especially his rat friends, makes this costume appealing to those who share a similar fondness for creatures.
  4. Lovers of Unique Characters: For those who appreciate portraying characters with depth and a mix of humor and complexity, Bruno is an excellent choice.
  5. DIY Enthusiasts: The costume offers ample scope for DIY, especially in replicating Bruno's distinct poncho and styling the wig to match his unkempt hair.

Who Should Think Twice About this Costume Idea?

Bruno Madrigal Outfit

While the Bruno Madrigal costume has broad appeal, it might not be suitable for everyone. Here are some considerations:

  1. Those Preferring Mainstream Heroes: If you're more inclined towards portraying conventional or widely recognized heroes, Bruno's character might not align with your interests.
  2. Seekers of Glamorous Outfits: Bruno's costume, which reflects his modest lifestyle and isolation, might not appeal to those who prefer flashy, glamorous, or brightly colored costumes.
  3. Extroverts Seeking Attention: Given Bruno's introverted nature, extroverted individuals who enjoy being the life of the party might find this character's subtlety less appealing.
  4. Fans Unfamiliar with "Encanto": If you haven't seen the movie or don't relate to its themes, you might not feel as connected to the role of Bruno.
  5. Those Who Prefer Simplicity: Bruno’s costume, with its unique elements like the poncho and wig, requires a bit more effort than simpler costumes, which might not suit everyone's preferences.

Choosing the right Halloween costume is a subjective decision. While Bruno Madrigal offers a unique and fascinating option, it’s important to select a character that aligns with your personal style and the type of experience you wish to have.

Additional Tips for Bruno Madrigal Costume

Dress Like Bruno Madrigal

To enhance your Bruno Madrigal costume, here are some additional tips:

  1. Aging the Costume: Bruno's outfit appears worn and aged. To achieve this look, lightly distress the edges of the poncho and shirt. This can be done using sandpaper or a pair of scissors for a more authentic appearance.
  2. Eye Detail: Bruno's eyes are a significant part of his character, especially when he uses his powers. Using green contact lenses or subtly applying green eye shadow can add an extra layer of authenticity to your costume.
  3. Facial Features: Pay special attention to replicating Bruno's facial features. This includes his prominent nose and the specific style of his mustache and beard. Makeup or prosthetics can be used to achieve this look.
  4. Rat Props: Bruno's affinity for rats is well-known. Including one or two plush rats as props can add a fun and character-specific element to your costume.
  5. Voice and Mannerisms: Practice mimicking Bruno's voice and mannerisms. He often speaks in a soft, hesitant tone and has distinctive gestures, which can enhance your portrayal.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Bruno Madrigal


Bruno Madrigal's costume can be part of an exciting group theme based on Disney's "Encanto." Here are some ideas:

  1. The Madrigal Family Ensemble: Assemble a group to dress up as the entire Madrigal family. Each person can choose a different character like Mirabel, Isabela, or Dolares, creating a colorful and dynamic group.
  2. Sibling Trio with Pepa and Julieta: Form a trio with participants dressed as Bruno's sisters, Pepa and Julieta. This allows for showcasing the diverse personalities and styles of the Madrigal siblings.
  3. The Misunderstood Characters Group: Include other characters who are often misunderstood or underestimated, like Mirabel. This theme highlights the unique traits and challenges of each character.
  4. Animal Companions Theme: Expand the theme to include animal companions. Participants can dress as Antonio with his animal friends, adding a fun and whimsical element to the group costume.
  5. Visions of the Future Group: Create a group theme around the concept of foresight and visions, with each member representing a different aspect of Bruno's visions or the consequences thereof.

These group costume ideas not only enhance the fun of dressing up but also celebrate the diverse and magical world of "Encanto," making your Halloween celebration even more memorable.

Bruno Madrigal Costume FAQs

  1. Q: How can I replicate Bruno's hair?
    A: Use a black fluffy wig and add gray streaks. Style it to look unkempt, resembling Bruno's distinctive hairstyle.
  2. Q: What makeup should I use for Bruno’s facial features?
    A: Focus on creating overgrown eyebrows, a thin mustache, light freckles, and prominent eye bags to mimic Bruno's look.
  3. Q: Are there any specific props I should include?
    A: Carrying plush rats can be a fun addition to your costume, reflecting Bruno's friendship with these creatures in the movie.
  4. Q: Can I wear glasses with the Bruno costume?
    A: Yes, glasses can be incorporated. Choose a simple style that doesn't detract from the overall look.
  5. Q: What type of shoes should I wear for the Bruno costume?
    A: Black flip-flops or simple sandals are ideal, staying true to Bruno's humble appearance.
  6. Q: How can I age the costume for an authentic look?
    A: Lightly distress the poncho and shirt edges to give them a worn and aged appearance.
  7. Q: Is this costume appropriate for colder weather?
    A: For colder weather, wear a thermal layer underneath. The poncho can also provide some warmth.
  8. Q: Can children dress as Bruno Madrigal?
    A: Absolutely! Bruno's costume can be a fun and unique choice for children, especially if they are fans of "Encanto."


Embracing the role of Bruno Madrigal for Halloween is an opportunity to delve into the world of Disney's "Encanto" and portray a character rich in depth and complexity. This costume guide aims to provide a comprehensive approach to not only recreating Bruno’s iconic look but also capturing his spirit and personality. Whether you're crafting the costume yourself, buying it ready-made, or combining both approaches, the journey of becoming Bruno is filled with creativity and fun. His character, known for his misunderstood nature and heartfelt loyalty, offers a unique and memorable costume choice. As you step into the shoes of Bruno Madrigal, remember to embrace the magic of his character and the joy of Halloween. Enjoy your adventure in costume creativity and have a magical Halloween experience!

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