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How To Dress Like Isabela Madrigal From Encanto

Isabela Madrigal Encanto Halloween Costume

Dress like Isabela Madrigal from Encanto;

Isabela Madrigal Accessories: Isabela Madrigal hair clip, Encanto Isabella party decoration.

Isabela Madrigal Wig: Long straight wig.

Isabela Madrigal Earrings: Isabela Madrigal earring, purple vintage earring.

Isabela Madrigal Dresses: Vintage lace floral party dress, Isabela Madrigal Encanto adult costume.

Isabela Madrigal Shoes: Ballet flat, Mary Jane dance shoe.

Isabela Madrigal Halloween Costume

Isabela Madrigal Encanto Cosplay

Isabela is a 21-year-old Colombian woman with dark skin, hazel eyes, a teardrop-shaped blemish on her left cheek, and long, shiny hair. After her transformation during the course of her dress was painted in various colors with the main color dark blue, with matching flowers, and her hair has yellow, green, and blue streaks in it, with an orange flower replacing the previous pink blossom.

The flowers on her dress and the one in her hair are cattleya trainee orchid, also known as "may lilies" or "may flowers". Towards the end of the movie, her dress becomes much lighter indigo, with the other colors remaining as splatters on the bottom, the tips of her hair were green and blue, and a vine glove-like accessory is added to her right arm.

Isabela Madrigal Cosplay

Isabela is primarily known for being graceful, beautiful, and even, both inside and out. Although Isabela is not very close to her family for most of the film, she cares for them and wants to do anything to make them proud. Willing to sacrifice her life and happiness for her family and show her selfless and loyal side.

While she doesn't get along with Mirabel for much of the film and clearly distances herself from her, she doesn't share the same strained relationship with her other younger sister, Luisa, and gets along well with her. Isabela treats her cousin Dolores, who is a few weeks younger, as her own sister.

During Antonio's gift-giving ceremony, she holds Dolore's hand and hugs her comfortingly for most of the ceremony. Isabela is one of the few people who doesn't have a negative opinion of her infamous Uncle Bruno, partly because he tells her a positive vision for her future. Isabela enjoys planting various plants as part of her service to the town and gives them a warm welcome when welcoming them to Antonio's gift-giving ceremony.

Although not specifically mentioned, Isabela has a penchant for romance and love. Isabela has never been romantically interested in Mariano Guzman, but she hopes to marry her one day. Part of the incredible happiness is when Dolores and Mariano become a couple. She is called the "golden child" by the family for her grace and is loved by the town.

But deep down, Isabela doesn't appreciate Abuela's expectations of being perfect. Instead, she wants to live life the way she wants and expand her power based on what she wants, not what the family wants. Sadly, due to the pressure of being the "perfect golden child", Isabela hides these feelings and willingly goes along with whatever her Abuela wants for her, even agreeing to marry Mariano, whom she does not love. This was also seen with flowers growing in her hair when Dolores said that Mariano wants 5 babies with her and was speechless and when Camilo teased her by transforming into Mariano only for Isabela to throw flowers in his face.

To add to the pressure, Isabela doesn't get along with her youngest sister Mirabel. Both sisters are mutually jealous of each other's lives, which differ from their own; Isabela envies Mirabel that she is free of expectations and can do whatever she wants.

Isabela was unaware of how unhappy the other was when she admitted it and had a strained relationship with her youngest sister. Isabela was disgusted with her interactions with Mirabel, insulting her, ordering her to be quiet during dinner, and later smugly getting Mirabel to apologize for her life by giving her a temperamental and petty side showed.

However, after finally letting go of her feelings and growing a cactus, Isabela began to express her true feelings more and expand her powers. She also reconciles with Mirabel and develops a better sibling relationship with her. As Alma yells at her and Mirabel about the mess they've made around town while singing, Isabela switches from confident and happy to fearful and ashamed.

She even tries to brush the paint off her dress, showing Isabela's fear of disappointing Alma. When Alma blames Mirabel for her sisters' problems, Luisa and Isabela can only look down in shame and show that they are no different from Mirabel.

While Mirabel defends Luisa and Isabela by pointing out that no matter how hard they try, they will never be good enough for Alma or her expectations, Isabela avoids looking at Alma but looks incredibly hurt, suggesting that she knows Mirabel is right that she can never be as perfect as Alma wishes.

After Mirabel reconciles with Alma and is reunited with her long-lost uncle, Isabela happily works with her family and community to rebuild the home, while her relationship with Mirabel and Luisa grew more loving and loving as they worked together. With the home and family magic restored, Isabela becomes a happier person, no longer constrained by expectations and of course perfection, free to experiment with her powers and express herself.

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