Dress Like T-1000

T-1000 Costume


How To Dress Like T-1000 From Terminator

T-1000 Halloween Costume Terminator

Dress Like T-1000 From Terminator;

T-1000 Costume: Navy shirt, flat front pants, t-shirts, oxford dress shoes, or police costume.

T-1000 Costume Accessories: Toy gun, leather gun belt, black handcuffs, cop badge, realistic bullet hole sticker.

T-1000 Halloween Costume

T-1000 Cosplay Terminator

The T-1000 prototype, known as the 1000 series, is a Skynet-produced Terminator series. The 1000 Series Terminator is autonomous and unlike previous Infiltrator models. It lives tissue over a metallic endoskeleton. The T-1000 is made entirely of liquid metal. It can morph into any shape it touches of approximate size.

 Let's call it a "shape changer". It cannot turn into any random object. Another serious limitation of the T-1000 is that it cannot spawn conventional weapons. It can form primitive blunt weapons like hooks or thrusting weapons like knives.

T-1000 Cosplay

The T-1000's usual modus operandi is to impersonate found or killed civilians and only attack once the target has been identified. Terminators, the T-1000 has immense physical strength, far exceeding that of a human.

It can be capable of bending steel and banging the much larger T-800 around. T-1000 can form extra limbs when multitasking. T-1000 is able to regenerate damage dealt by ballistic weapons.

The greater the damage, the longer it takes to repair and can briefly incapacitate him. Separating the parts of T-1000 is not enough to stop the regeneration.

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