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Buttercup Costume


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The Powerpuff Girls Costume Ideas

How To Dress Like Buttercup From Powerpuff Girls

Buttercup Powerpuff Girls Halloween Costume

Dress like Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls;

Buttercup Green Dresses: #1 sexy sleeveless bodycon mini dress, #2 halter neck dress, #6 ribbed knit bodycon, #10 anime tube dress.

Buttercup Shoes: #3 vintage Mary Jane flat, #5 Talissa Mary Jane pump.

Buttercup Belt: #4 vintage belt zipper.

Buttercup Wig: #9 short black flat bang wig

Buttercup Costume Accessories: #7 buttercup adult glass, #8 thigh high stocking.

Buttercup Halloween Costume

Buttercup Powerpuff Girls Cosplay

Buttercup has short black hair in a flip with a small triangular part on her forehead. She has light green eyes and wears a light green dress with a black stripe down the middle. Buttercup also wears white tights and black Mary Jane shoes with her dress. Its special ingredient is spice and its characteristic color is light green.

There is a brief scene where the girls come across a makeup kit that triggers this memory. At the same time, the girls imagine a scenario where they are teenagers and have abandoned their crime-fighting habits, resulting in a city full of chaos and a new look.

She wears a green crop top with the red number #7 on it, high-waisted dark green flared pants with a light green bow at the waist and dark green shoes. Powerpuff Girls also seem to have flat feet, which their 5-year-old counterparts don't.

Unlike her younger counterpart, Buttercup's hair is long and styled in a shoulder-length lob with a flip at the ends.

Buttercup Cosplay

She is a tough member of the group and gets angry quickly. Sometimes that and her aggression overwhelm her, making her a little ruthless and stubborn. She has enough control not to go after innocent civilians like Bubbles, no matter how trivial the offense.

She also showed a greedy side in Moral Decay where she knocked out teeth to get money. She has demonstrated these sides and a softer side in several episodes. For example, in the episode "Cover Up," she had a soft green blanket that she hugged obsessively, which gave her the confidence to be a better fighter, and she's quite protective of her sisters.

Her special "skill" is shown by her ability to curl her tongue. She possesses a violent and means streak that her sisters don't show. She is also shown bullying her classmate Elmer Sglue, who becomes a mutant anti-paste eater, leading both Blossom and Bubbles to force her to apologize to him.

During the birth of the girls in The Powerpuff Girls Movie, she was initially shown to look extremely happy with wide eyes and an open-mouthed smile, to the point where Professor Utonium, the last of the three girls, said he had become that way the name Buttercup, like her two sisters' names, also begins with a B. Upon hearing this, Buttercup immediately crossed her arms and pouted, which might explain her tough nature.

It is also revealed in the film that Buttercup inspired the other girls to use her powers to fight crime and the forces of evil after defeating Rocko Socko, causing her to lose her temper in one fell swoop. Ironically, she initially apologized profusely for her actions, thinking she had problems for everyone.

Their greatest dislike is to admit defeat, which is why the Powerpuff Girls were able to prevail over the Rowdyruff Boys. She also stated in an interview for the Powerpuff Girls Movie that she's not worried about injuries during the tough fights.

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