Dress Like Billy Hargrove From Season 4

Billy Hargrove may not have been the hero of Stranger Things, but he certainly made an impression on fans of the show. If you're looking for a unique and edgy Halloween costume this year, Billy is the perfect choice. Here's how to put together a Billy Hargrove costume that will have everyone talking:


Billy Hargrove Season 4 Costume


You will need the following Items for your Billy Hargrove from Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween costume:

  1. White Tank Top For Men
  2. Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean
  3. 16 Inches Mullet Wig
  4. Billy Hargrove's Necklace
  5. Mehron Makeup Stage Blood
  6. Black Leather Belt
  7. Black Lace Up Boots

Dress like Billy from season 4 this Halloween with a white tank top, classic fit jeans and lots of stage blood.

If you prefer a couple cosplay instead of a solo one, think no more and get your sister or a friend to dress up as Max or your worst enemy as Henry Creel. If you prefer a group cosplay, Stranger Things + Costume Realm are your best friends. Get the team together to dress up as ElevenSteveMikeLucasNancyChrissyEricaMax MayfieldLucasErica, and of course Eddie Munson.

How To Dress Like Billy From Season 4

  1. The Clothes: Start with a white tank top and cowboy-cut jeans. These are signature items of Billy's wardrobe that will instantly make you recognizable. Make sure your jeans are tight and fitted for that retro look.
  2. The Wig: Billy's iconic mullet is a must-have for this costume. Look for a wig that replicates his hair as closely as possible. You want to make sure that it's styled in a way that's both cool and messy.
  3. The Accessories: Billy's necklace is a key part of his look. Look for a replica of his silver pendant necklace to wear around your neck. You can also add a black leather belt and black lace-up boots to complete the look.
  4. The Blood: If you really want to take your Billy Hargrove costume to the next level, you can add some stage blood to your outfit.

Billy Season 4 Cosplay

Billy Hargrove Season 4 Halloween Costume

Once you have your costume assembled, it's time to get into character. Billy may have been a tough guy on the outside, but he had a troubled past that haunted him until his death. Use the following information to help you get into character:

Billy's Death and Its Aftermath: Billy's death had a significant impact on those closest to him. His father divorced and abandoned his stepmother and sister, forcing them to move out of their house and into a trailer park. His stepmother, Susan, turned to alcohol to cope and had to work two jobs to support herself and Max. Max was consumed with grief and guilt over her brother's death, which made her a target for the creature Vecna.

Vecna's Taunting and Max's Redemption: In a powerful scene in Season 4, Max arrives at Billy's grave and reads a posthumous letter to him, expressing her regret at not being a better sibling. Vecna uses a hallucination of Billy to taunt Max, but she is ultimately saved by the help of her friends.

By embodying the complex and troubled character of Billy Hargrove, you can create a Halloween costume that is sure to make an impact. So grab your white tank top, cowboy cut jeans, mullet wig, and other accessories, and get ready to become the bad boy of Stranger Things.

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