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Caitlyn Arcane LoL Costume


Caitlyn Arcane LoL Uniform

Caitlyn Arcane LoL Costume Uniform

You will need the following items for your Caitlyn Arcane LoL cosplay:

How To Dress Like Caitlyn From Arcane LoL

Caitlyn Arcane LoL Halloween Costume

Caitlyn Arcane LoL Costume: Short-sleeve cropped bolero, 1 steampunk gothic bustier corset, purple mini skirt, strapless corset bustier tutu skirt, western cowboy high knee boot, soft puffy tutu skirts, Arcane Caitlyn cosplay Halloween costume.

Caitlyn Arcane LoL Costume Accessories: Long straight dark blue wigs, wool felt top hat, coffee leather security leg harness, shotgun shell cartridge belt, 1 high stockings pantyhose, and leather gloves half finger.

Caitlyn Arcane LoL Halloween Costume

Caitlyn Arcane LoL Cosplay

Caitlyn ever claimed to be white, or did people just assume it was because of her accent? Brits are not a race, there are British Asians. Maybe she has Ionian ancestry before her family moves, or maybe Caitlyn is just waiting. Riot is obviously aware of her decision, considering her English voice actress is Asian-European.

After a particularly traumatic case involving a missing Hextech device and a string of child abductions, Caitlyn is summoned by security. Caitlyn had been recommended by a member of her group who had also developed a kind of affinity for strange cases.

Her battle with a gang of renegade chimeras on behalf of a mad chemist driven insane by his own concoctions resulted. She was offered a formal position as sheriff. At first, she declined but eventually realized that the Guardians' resources could potentially bring her closer to discovering "C's" true identity.

Caitlyn Arcane LoL Cosplay

Known as his primary peacekeeper, Caitlyn Piltover is Piltover's best shot to rid the city of its elusive criminal elements. Often paired with Vi, she provides a cool counterpoint to her partner's boisterous nature. Though she wields a unique Hextech rifle, Caitlyn's greatest weapon is her superior intellect, allowing her to set cunning traps for any lawbreaker foolish enough to operate in the City of Progress.

Born into a wealthy and influential merchant clan, Caitlyn Kiramman quickly learned the social benefits of living in Piltover, preferring to spend her time in the wilder lands beyond. Equally adept at mingling with the wealthy elite of the City of Progress, or chasing a stag through the mud of the forest, she could track a bird on its wing through the business districts.

Caitlyn's greatest assets, however, were her intelligence and her willingness to learn from her parents, who reinforced her understanding of right and wrong, even in a life of comfort and privilege.

Her mother was one of the chief auditors in Clan Kiramman, always warning Caitlyn of Piltover's seductions and their golden promises that could harden the kindest heart. At first, Caitlyn paid little attention to her—for her, Piltover was a place of beauty and order that she cherished after every journey into the wilderness.

All that would change in a day of progress a few years later. Caitlyn returned to find her house ransacked and empty. The henchmen of the family were all dead and there was no trace of their parents. Caitlyn secured the house and immediately went in search of them. 

Tracking within the confines of a city was very different from hunting in the wild, but one by one, Caitlyn tracked down the thugs who had broken into her family's home. The trail eventually led them to a hidden safe house where their mother and father were being tortured for information. She rescued them under cover of darkness and alerted Piltover's guards...though none of the kidnappers who apprehended them knew the identity of the person who hired them - only a deputy who began with the letter C.

Caitlyn and her parents began rebuilding their lives... but something fundamental had changed. Her mother, in particular, could no longer face the politics and duplicity of clan life and resigned from her prestigious role, leaving something of a vacuum in the Kiramman leadership. And although she loved her parents dearly, Caitlyn had no desire to take her mother's place, nor to learn her father's trade as a craftsman.

Caitlyn focused on breaking the web of intrigue surrounding the mysterious "C". Using her hunting skills, she established herself as a private investigator and quickly made a name for herself as someone who could find anything and anyone. In recognition of her self-made success, Caitlyn's parents built her a Hextech rifle of exquisite craftsmanship, with greater accuracy than any musket. The weapon could accept a variety of special shells and could be easily modified in the field.

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