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Vi Arcane LoL Costume


How To Dress Like Vi From Arcane LoL

Vi Arcane LoL Halloween Costume

Dress like Vi from Arcane LoL;

Vi Arcane LoL Costume: Cropped protect denim jacket, 1 sleeveless hooded crop tank top, green-black costume pirate pants, Vi cosplay costume Halloween Christmas suit uniform, motorcycle knee-high boots.

Vi Arcane LoL Costume Accessories: Hand wraps, purple-red short cosplay wig, blue eyes lenses, strap belt, leather strap brown.

Vi Arcane LoL Halloween Costume

Vi Arcane LoL Cosplay

Vi is a tall, athletic, and fair-skinned woman. She wears the punk streetwear typical of Zaun and Piltover's youth, atypical for her job as a warden. Her most notable features are her mechanical augmentation-inspired tattoos on her back and arms and her natural pink hair.

As 1 child she wore 1 short hairstyle with a braid, later she switched to punk hair with ribbons on the right side of her head. Eventually, she would incorporate several dreads at the back of her head. At work, she is rarely seen without her satin gloves, which become extensions of her hands.

Vi Arcane LoL Cosplay

Vi is a vigilante from Zaun and Jinx's older sister. A feisty and fearless woman who excels in battle and likes to solve her problems with her fists wears 1 pair of powerful Hextech Gauntlets that can pierce through buildings and people with little effort.

Once a criminal from the mean streets of Zaun Crest Zaun, Vi is a hot-headed, impulsive, and fearsome woman with very little respect for authority figures. Growing up almost alone, Vi developed a keen survival instinct and 1 sinfully aggressive sense of humor.

Now she works with the Guardians to keep the peace in Piltover Crest. Piltover wears powerful Hextec gauntlets that can pierce through walls and through suspects with equal ease.

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