Columbia Costume

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Columbia Halloween Costume

Dress Like Columbia From The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dress Like Columbia From The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dress like Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show;

Columbia Costume: Columbia dresses like a circus member. She wears shiny corset bralette, striped mini shorts and shiny mini jacket with matching hat.

Columbia Wig: Columbia has short red hair.

Columbia Accessories: Columbia has many accessories. To complete your Columbia halloween costume don't forget to get fishnet stockings, black dance shoes, turqoise socks and false eyelashes.

Columbia Cosplay

Columbia Cosplay

Columbia is a character from the Rocky Horror Show. Columbia is a groupie who loves Frank for a while until he goes against her for Eddie. She fell in love with him until his death. Together with Riff Raff and Magenta, she is one of Frank's servants in his castle.

Rocky Horror Columbia Costume

During an unknown time, Columbia became a lover of Frank-N-Furter until he replaced her with the messenger Eddie. Eddie was rebellious, however, and Frank decided to use half his brain to create a new creature, a "perfect man" named Rocky Horror.

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