Riff Raff Halloween Costume 2020

Riff Raff Halloween Costume

Rocky Horror Show Riff Raff Costume

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Dress Like Riff Raff From The Rocky Horror Show

Dress Like Riff Raff From The Rocky Horror Show

Dress like Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror Show;

Riff Raff Costume: As the servant of the castle Riff Raff dresses like one but not in a good way. He wears baggy trousers, an old shirt and a baggy jacket that matches his pants.

Riff Raff Wig: Riff Raff is half bald with long blond hair.  He has a hunchback.

Riff Raff Boots: To complete your Riff Raff costume don't forget to get black boots.

Riff Raff Costume

Riff Raff Costume

Riff Raff has been a character from the music productions of the Rocky Horror Show since 1973.
Riff Raff is a Transylvanian who came to earth with his sister Magenta and his master Frank-N-Furter. He greets Brad and Janet when they enter the castle and serves Frank as a servant throughout the film. He has an unusually close relationship with his sister and a jealous complex with Frank. Towards the end of the film he becomes the new commander of the castle and takes Frank prisoner.

Riff Raff Cosplay

If you think Riff Raff looks like Dr Frankenstein's servant Igor then you are right cause he is a parody of Igor. As a fun fact he was portrayed by the man who created the Rocky Horror musical, Richard O'Brien.

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