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Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank-N-Furter Halloween Costume

Frank N Furter Cosplay

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Dress Like Frank N Furter From The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dress Like Frank N Furter From The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dress like Frank N Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show;

Frank N Furter Costume: Frank has 2 completely different costumes. If you want to cosplay his lingerie look, you need Frank N Furter costume set. If you want to cosplay his doctor look then you need scrubs set. You can also get both to strip surprise your friends.

Frank N Furter: Frank has dark black, curly hair.

Frank N Furter Accessories: Frank has a couple of accessories. You need pearl choker necklace, anklet, lace high heels and fake cigarettes if you are not a smoker.

Frank N Furter Cosplay

Frank N Furter Costume

Frank-N-Furter is a character from theater and cinema productions of the Rocky Horror Show since 1973 until today.
He's a mad scientist who wants to create the perfect life form to serve as his sexual toy. He seems to be the leader of the Transylvanians on earth. Frank-N-Furter is mostly concerned about himself and cannot see the consequences of his behavior. Although he brought out the sexual creatures in a young, downtrodden couple, he did so with his own pleasure.

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