DMC 5 Dante Costume

How To Dress Like Dante From DMC5

Dante is the recurring protagonist of the Devil May Cry series and the main playable character for most of the games in the series. He is the second son of the demon Sparda and the human Eve and the younger twin brother of Virgil. Dante is a supernatural mercenary, private investigator and watchful devil hunter devoted to the extermination of evil demons and other evil supernatural powers. A quest he pursues to persecute those who have killed his mother and corrupted his brother.

Dante Outfits DMC 5

DMC 5 Dante Costume

You need the following items for your Dante Halloween costume:

  1. Dante DMC 5 Cosplay Costume
  2. Dante DMC 5 Polo Shirt
  3. Dante DMC 5 Wig
  4. Dante DMC 5 Rebellion Sword Real Steel or Foam 
  5. Dante DMC 5 Boots
  6. Dante DMC 5 Guns Ivory & Ebony

 DMC 5 Dante Halloween Costume

Devil May Cry 5 shows Dante's outfit from its simplest side. His red jacket is faded, has a washed-out look, a skull on his back, and also resembles his Devil May Cry 4 jacket. He wears an ordinary black Polo T-shirt with three buttons and torn details. He wears black gloves and white bandages for his wrists. For his legs he wears a black belt with gold accents, black jeans and brown boots.

His hair and beard grow in a coma even after a month. This gives Dante a grungy look. Dante's black Henley T-shirt also appears dark blue in daylight when he competes in the epilogue against Vergil in a duel and sparring game. After his defeat by Urizen Dante's hair had grown considerably during his recovery and are now the same length as in the Devil May Cry 2. His clothes are also color-damped and dirty.

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