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Ruby Roundhouse is one of the protagonists of Jumanji's video game form, so she appears in Mobile Game, the 2019 video game, and the Rhino Run game on Jumanji's official website: Welcome to the Jungle.

Ruby Roundhouse is one of the standard playable characters in mobile games. She uses recycled clips from the film of 2017.

She was portrayed by Karen Gillan in the film.

Ruby Roundhouse from Jumanji

Ruby Roundhouse Costume

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Ruby Roundhouse Halloween Costume

Dress like Ruby Roundhouse From Jumanji; Ruby Roundhouse costume consists of red crop top, brown shorts, brown belt and brown boots, to complete your Ruby Roundhouse look don't forget to get black choker and black gloves.


Ruby Roundhouse Costume

When Martha Ruby chose Roundhouse as her avatar on the Player Select screen, she was quickly drawn into the video game and immersed in the inner world of "Jumanji" in the form of her avatar; Ruby Roundhouse herself. Despite Roundhouse's merited traits, Martha maintained her shy and uncertain personality and found her outfit ridiculous. Bethany Walker seemed at first jealous that Martha Ruby had inherited Roundhouse's properties while she was a professor, Shelly Oberon. For a while, Martha did not know how to use Ruby's appearance to her own advantage, so she needed more expert guidance from Beth.

After Bravestone (Spencer) won the game before they had the chance to leave "Jumanji," Spencer hesitated, since he liked it. Bravestone, thinking about staying behind, and asking Martha to stay with him as Ruby Roundhouse. Martha knew better and asked him to come back with her, to take what they had learned in "Jumanji" and to live in Brantford.

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