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James "Jim" Hopper, portrayed by David Harbour, is a major character in the first, second, and third seasons of Stranger Things.

Hopper was a police chief in the small, sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana, where he led a carefree life - yet was afflicted by a troubled past. After the young son of an old friend mysteriously disappeared, Hoppers life became infinitely more complicated.

As events unfolded, he learned of Eleven, a young girl whom Hawkins Lab was experimenting with because of her inherited abilities. However, to save Will, he had to give up her whereabouts, a decision he would regret.

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As his captor in search of more information about the Russian's plan, Hopper was quite hostile to Alexei most of the time. He often mistreated him, occasionally physically attacking him and mockingly calling him "Smirnoff" rather than his real name. Hopper would also avoid talking to Alexei until they reached Murray Bauman's residence, often berating Joyce for trying to communicate with him despite the language barrier.

About Jim Hopper From Stranger Things

Jim Hopper Hawaiian Shirt Costume

  • The name "Gillespie" (from Hopper's quote about the owl) could be a possible reference to the famous Silent Hill franchise (a series that largely focuses on many things - among which: deformed human-like creatures, other worlds and dimensions, as well as a town seemingly in the middle of nowhere and in which strange things happen. Also, the plot in the first game revolved around a father trying to find his missing daughter - as opposed to a mother looking for her missing son).
  • In the 1987 movie Predator, the first man ever killed by a Predator was named Jim Hopper.
  • The pills Hopper takes in the beginning of the series are Tuinal, a popular sedative/anti-anxiety drug that was discontinued in 1991.
  • The blue bracelets around his right wrist are his daughter's hair ribbons--every time he wakes, he looks at them before he does anything else. After adopting Eleven as his daughter, he passes the bracelets to her, as seen during the Snow Ball.
  • When Hopper approaches the guard at the morgue, the guard is reading Cujo by Stephen King. Hopper's line "That's a nasty mutt" is a reference to the book being about a rabid dog.
  • Hopper drinks Schlitz beer. 
  • He takes his coffee black.
  • Not only does he rearrange Powell's cards when he arrives at the station, he has a box of gambling chips on his kitchen table; leading the audience to believe he may have an affection for gambling.
  • The typewriter in the first scene between Hopper and Joyce is an IBM Selectric III.
  • The truck he drives is a GMC K5 Blazer.
  • His license plate number is 98Y5, with the state shield displayed next to the number.
  • His Character and look is based on Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and Han Solo.
  • Jim Hopper and Mike Wheeler are the only characters to appear in all episodes of season 1, season 2, and season 3.

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