Dress Like Jim Hopper

How To Dress Like Jim Hopper from Stranger Things


Jim Hopper Halloween Costume

Dress like Jim Hopper from Stranger Things;

Jim Hopper has a couple of signature looks, all of which are pretty easy and cheap. At the moment we cover 3 of his looks, his Hawaiian shirt look, cop look, and Soviet prisoner look.

Jim Hopper Hawaiian Shirt Costume: This is the most popular Jim Hopper costume until now, it is very easy, affordable, and full of fun. You probably have most items already in your wardrobe, just make sure that your Hawaiian shirt is the correct color and short-sleeved. You also need a silver vintage watch (preferably Casio), a fake mustache, and classic fit light blue jeans.

Jim Hopper Cop Costume: Again an easy and fun costume idea. For this costume, long sleeve khaki shirt and chino pants. To give the desired cop look, you need Hawkins police patch, Hopper badge set and a police hat.

Jim Hopper Soviet Prisoner Costume: This costume is very suitable for winter. Hopper wears these clothes somewhere in the Soviets (probably Siberia). You need a thick coat, snow pants, and thick gloves, all must be dark blue. To complete your costume, don't forget a vintage looking pickaxe and a cossack hat.


Jim Hopper Hawaiian Shirt Costume


Jim Hopper Uniform Costume


Jim Hopper Season 4 Costume


You need the following items for your Jim Hopper Soviet prisoner costume:

  1. Arctic Coat
  2. Snow Pants
  3. Soviet Cossack Hat
  4. Windproof Gloves
  5. Polar Boots
  6. Vintage Pickaxe
Stranger Things Costume Ideas

Jim Hopper Halloween Costume

Jim Hopper Cosplay

Jim Hopper (David Harbor) is one of the main characters of Netflix's Stranger Things.

He was the Chief of police in Hawkins, Indiana. With so little issues in the town he lived a carefree life. After a phone call from his old friend Joyce Byers, who reported her son Will missing, Hopper's life became extremely complex. Hopper, later discover that Will was missing because of a secret experiment at Hawkins National Laboratory, and helped her save Will from an alternate world called the Upside Down. As events unfolded, he learned of Eleven, a kid whom Hawkins Lab was experimenting with, because of her supernatural abilities.

Matching Costumes For Couples

Eleven Costume

Eleven and Hopper make a great halloween couple especially for fathers and daugthers.

Dr Alexie Costume

As his captor in search of more information about the Russian's plan, Hopper was quite hostile to Alexei most of the time. He often mistreated him, occasionally physically attacking him and mockingly calling him "Smirnoff" rather than his real name. Hopper would also avoid talking to Alexei until they reached Murray Bauman's residence, often berating Joyce for trying to communicate with him despite the language barrier.

About Jim Hopper From Stranger Things

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