Dexter Morgan Costume

Dexter Morgan Costume

How To Dress Like Dexter Morgan From Dexter

Dexter Morgan Halloween Costume

Dress like Dexter Morgan;

Dexter Morgan Shirt: While doing his part-time night job, Dexter mostly wears a greenish long sleeve henley shirt.

Dexter Morgan Pants: You need multi-pockets cargo pants.

Dexter Morgan Boots: While doing his part-time job Dexter uses brown boots.

Dexter Morgan Accessories: To complete your Dexter Morgan Halloween costume don't forget black leather gloves,  Waltham Autochron 25 Watch or a silver watch instead as the watch Dexter wears is discontinued, fake knife and fake needle.

Dexter Morgan Halloween Costume

Dexter Morgan Cosplay

While pursuing a target, Dexter wears a military-inspired army green 4-button henley. He also wears brown cargo pants and boots that are reminiscent of parachute boots from World War II. To avoid fingerprints, Dexter uses latex gloves or black tactical leather gloves.

Dexter's killing clothes consist of overalls and a dark bib apron, probably made of thick vinyl. He usually wears a plastic face shield when using a power tool. He also wears sleeves, overshoes, disposable gloves and waterproof boots that match his apron. This indicates that he has his own personal protective equipment. It often looks like he's wearing his hunting outfit under his PPE. Sometimes he has to improvise.

Dexter Morgan Cosplay

One of the most important qualities of Dexter is the need for control - over himself and others. Although Dexter often feels the urge to kill, he displays an incredible level of self-control. To survive, it is important that he hold back his dark urges and follow the rules of the code. He is also very organized in all areas of his life. He keeps his home clean and tidy, writes meticulous lab reports, and carefully plans most of his murders. Dexter admittedly describes himself as a "control freak".

Another characteristic of Dexter is its sense of superiority. Because he follows a code, he believes he has higher moral values ​​than the murderers he kills. He justifies his actions with "taking out the garbage".

Dexter can be charming, but he's a trained liar and in most cases, viewers should trust his thoughts more than his words. Even Hannah called Dexter a "master manipulator".

He often speaks to his victims before the murder. With them, he can share the truth about him and know that they will take his secret with them to their watery graves.

Other than anger, Dexter's emotional reactions are usually part of a well-rehearsed plot. In the second season he tells James Doakes that he only has a "small conscience" and that his feelings cannot be played with because he has none.

Dexter often refers to his inner sense of emptiness. In his youth, this leads to attempts to "feel alive". As an adult, he enjoys the rush he feels in pursuing, killing, and avoiding capture.

For many years, Dexter lived alone, had no interest in romance, and considered it best to avoid sex. He had learned to be careful with intimacy because when a woman gets that close to him she is usually put off. But he knew he needed a relationship to fit in with society. Because of this, he starts dating Rita Bennett. Initially, he regards his relationship with Rita as part of his "disguise". It later turns out that he cares more about Rita than he admits. Dexter eventually marries Rita.

In his narration, Dexter often refers to "people" as if he were not one of them. But there are cracks in Dexter's emotional armor. He feels indebted to his family, especially his late adoptive father. Regarding him, Dexter said, "If I had been able to love, how would I have loved Harry." After Harry's death, Dexter's only family is his adoptive sister, Debra Morgan. In one episode, Dexter comically repeats "I'm not going to kill my sister" in his head. However, Dexter did not allow his own brother Brian to harm Debra as Dexter "loved" her.

Although Dexter ruthlessly and ritually kills murderers with no regrets, he often wishes that he could just lead a normal life. His attempts to do this are ultimately unsuccessful.

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