Dr. Facilier Costume

Dr Facilier Costume

How To Dress Like Dr. Facilier From The Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier Halloween Costume

Dress like Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog;

Dr. Facilier Costume: For your Dr. Facilier Halloween costume, you will need a purple vest, however, you can also use a purple t-shirt if you want, a burgundy suit set, and purple dress shoes.

Dr. Facilier Accessories: To complete your Dr. Facilier Halloween costume, you will need Dr. Facilier hat and necklace, a tarot set, and a walking stick.

Dr. Facilier Halloween Costume

Dr. Facilier Outfits

Dr. Facilier aka Shadow man is a tall, thin man with a mustache and wears very linear burgundy and purple clothing. He has purple eyes, a gap between his front teeth, and a thin mustache.

Dr. Facilier disguised himself as the infamous Loa of the dead Baron Samedi, he wears a top hat with a red band containing a purple feather and a skull and crossbones; The skull can be magically removed and turned into skull makeup as shown in Friends on the Other Side. Under his top hat, instead of being bald or having a crest, Facilier has a huge hairstyle that fits in his hat, also many villains have hair like him. Around his neck, he wears a necklace with two crocodile teeth. 

Dr. Facilier Cosplay

Unlike most Disney villains, Facilier doesn't underestimate the forces of nature, and like Mama Odie, he also knows that animals can talk and, like humans, have minds. When Ray the Firefly tries to take the talisman away from the rogue voodoo doctor, Facilier seems to understand Ray's intentions and tries to stop them. Knowing that Ray's bioluminescent abdomen can eliminate his voodoo shadow demons, Facilier punches and crushes the firefly without hesitation, ending Ray's interference.

Facilier has his mother's shrunken head, suggesting he crucified her or keeps it to fondly remember her.

Despite his utter lack of morals and his treacherous nature, Facilier's motivations are briefly hinted at. Facilier frequently sympathizes with the downtrodden and poor, recommending that his own past may have been similar to Lawrence and Tiana's. We catch a glimpse of Big Daddy giving money to a small child, but driving past Facilier without looking at him. He also never attempted to force Lawrence into villainy, although he found it easy, which Lawrence had previously done had been pushed around by his family.

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