Henry Creel Costume

Henry Creel Costume

How To Dress Like Henry Creel From Stranger Things

Henry Creel Outfits

Dress like Henry Creel from Stranger Things;

Henry Creel Costume:  As an orderly at Hawkins National Laboratory, Henry Creel costume is quite easy. To start with your costume, you should first get white pants of any kind, preferably khaki work pants, after that white undershirts and work shirts and the base of the costume is ready. 

Henry Creel Accessories: To complete your Henry Crell Halloween costume, don't forget a black belt, black work shoes and fake blood.

Stranger Things Costume Ideas

*****Spoilers Beyond This Point *****

Henry Creel Halloween Costume

Henry Creel Halloween Costume

Henry Creel, aka Peter Ballard aka  Vecna  (Jamie Campbell Bower) is one of the main characters of Stranger Things Season 4. He was an orderly and former test subject at Hawkins Lab, just like Eleven. Henry was initially shown as a caring man who worked as a male nurse. He would talk to and encourage Eleven when there was no one around, and give her advice before her tests. Soon he felt close to Eleven and considered her his friend and started telling her things about Doctor Brenner, how he would lie to her and that her mother was still alive. He was extremely protective of Eleven, nearly to the degree of obsession. However, we understand later that he was just using her to regain his powers, and his true nature of being cruel and manipulative was revealed. 

Henry Creel Cosplay

Henry Creel was born in the late 1940s to Victor and Virginia. He had a sister named Alice who was three years his senior. Henry's father thought he was a sensitive boy, as he had the power to sense the supernatural. This also caused him to struggle to fit in. After they moved to Hawkins, Henry found comfort in his new home in a nest of black widows living in the house's bathroom. 

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