Dress Like Dr. Martin Brenner

Dr. Martin Brenner Season 4 Costume 


How To Dress Like Dr. Martin Brenner From Stranger Things Season 4

Dr. Martin Brenner Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween Costume

Dress like Dr. Martin Brenner from Stranger Things Season 4;

Dr. Martin Brenner Wig: White short wig.

Dr. Martin Brenner Season 4 Costume: Dress shirt, special effects makeup kit, blue eye, ID card holder, leather dress belt.

Dr. Martin Brenner Suit: 3Pcs suit tuxedo.

Dr. Martin Brenner Neck Ties: Business necktie, luxury necktie.

Dr. Martin Brenner Shoes: Dark brown leather oxford dress shoes.

Dr. Martin Brenner Watch: Alexander Macedon dress watch

Dr. Martin Brenner Halloween Costume

Dr.Martin Brenner Stranger-Things-Season-4-Cosplay

Dr. Martin is when Eleven disobeyed him as he subjected her to cruel psychological torture and forcibly held her in solitary confinement even though she was just a child.

Brenner would also take extreme measures to cover up the events of Upside Down, such as faking Will's fake body when Will was actually kidnapped, dispatching military agents and helicopters to retrieve Eleven, and imprisoning Joyce and Hopper, to force her to reveal her whereabouts in exchange for rescuing Will.

Dr. Martin Brenner Cosplay

Dr. Martin Brenner is a researcher and director of Hawkins National Laboratory. Dr. Brenner was highly manipulative, calculating, ruthless, and ambitious. Martin was solely responsible for the kidnapping of Terry Ives' daughter, Eleven, in order to experiment with the child's sleeping psychokinetic abilities. His cruel nature became apparent when he forced Eleven's mother to undergo electroshock therapy after she tried to retrieve her daughter.

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