Dress Like Erica Sinclair From Season 4

Erica Sinclair Stranger Things S4 Pink Dress Costume


You will need the following items for your Erica Sinclair pink dress Halloween Costume:

Erica Sinclair Season 4 Dress Belt: #1 retro vintage belt.

Erica Sinclair Season 4 Accessories: #2 star lucky stud earring, #6 10 pcs acrylic resin hair barrettes, #7 short lace wrist cuff shamrock green stretch bracelet, #10 unisex rainbow socks.

Erica Sinclair Wig: #3 pinup model wig color black.

Erica Sinclair Watch: #4 Lacoste TR90 quartz watch.

Erica Sinclair Season 4 Dress: #5 A-Line heart print Peter Pan collar button front mini dress.

Erica Sinclair Season 4 Costumes: #8 Erica Sinclair purple floral print dress, #11 ST4 Erica Sinclair cosplay costume suit.

Erica Sinclair Season 4 Legging: #9 cross waist yoga legging.

Erica Sinclair Sneaker: #12 Nike blazer mid 77 SE Catechu sneakers.

Erica Sinclair Season 4 Costume

How To Dress Like Erica Sinclair From Stranger Things Season 4

Erica Sinclair Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween Costume

Dress like Erica Sinclair from Stranger Things Season 4;

Erica Sinclair Wig: Curly wig.

Erica Sinclair Season 4 Costume: Geometric sloth sweatshirt, Caribbean blue jogger.

Erica Sinclair Season 4 Accessories: gemstone bracelet, harbor blue belt, star earring, American flag shawl, 10pcs resin hair clips, 10p velvet hair scrunches.

Erica Sinclair Shoe: High heel ankle boot.

Erica Sinclair Watch: Pink Lacoste watch.

Erica Sinclair Halloween Costume

Erica Sinclair Stranger Things Season 4 Cosplay

She doesn't doubt the existence of Upside Down and the resulting creatures after Dustin explains them to her. She initially refused to believe Lucas was involved with any of them until he helped her save them from the Russians.

Erica Sinclair Cosplay

Erica is Lucas' somewhat typical "annoying little sister". She's not a nerd. With her pathetic dislike of nerds, it is revealed in season three that she is a math genius and thus a nerd herself. Erica shows no respect for them. She has her own friends to hang out with. She could steal Lucas' He-Man action figure. Politically savvy for her age, Erica has a patriotic attitude toward her country. She's incredibly self-centered. Erica is a fan of My Little Pony.

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