Devil May Style: The Ultimate Dante Costume

Greetings, demon hunters and stylish trick-or-treaters! Are you ready to embrace the supernatural side of Halloween and transform into the legendary Dante from Devil May Cry? In this Devil May Cry Dante Halloween costume guide, we'll show you how to channel the devil hunter's iconic style and charisma. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the series or just looking for a killer Halloween costume, we've got you covered.

Dante Costume

DMC 5 Dante Costume

DMC 5 Dante Costume

You will need the following items for your Dante from Devil May Cry 5 costume:

  1. Dante DMC 5 Costume
  2. Black Polo Shirt
  3. Dante DMC 5 Wig
  4. Dante DMC 5 Rebellion Sword Real Steel or Foam 
  5. Dante DMC 5 Boots
  6. Ivory & Ebony

How to Dress Like Dante

Dress Like Dante From Devil May Cry

Before we dive into the demonic details, let's ensure you have everything you need to replicate Dante's devilishly cool look. With his signature long coat and weapons at your side, you'll be ready to take on any supernatural forces that come your way.

Step 1: Dante's Devilish Jacket Start by acquiring a Dante Cosplay Jacket. This long, fashionable coat is the centerpiece of his style and adds an air of showmanship to your costume.

Step 2: The Casual Base Underneath the jacket, wear a gray tank top and regular-fit jeans. Keep it simple yet stylish, just like Dante.

Step 3: Accessorize with Devilish Details To capture Dante's essence, adorn yourself with a Dante necklace and carry a Dante Rebellion Sword made of real steel. Don't forget his iconic Ebony and Ivory Guns. These details will set your costume apart.

Step 4: Get the Look Right Down to Your Fingertips Complete your transformation with black fingerless gloves and dark brown combat boots. These small touches add authenticity to your Dante ensemble.

Dante Cosplay

Dressing like Dante is only half the battle. To truly embody the charismatic devil hunter, follow these five steps to act like him at your Halloween party.

Step 1: Embrace Confidence and Wit Dante is known for his confidence and quick wit. Exude charisma and be ready with a clever quip or two as you mingle with fellow partygoers.

Step 2: Stay Smoke-Free While Dante's style is undeniably cool, he doesn't smoke. Keep it smoke-free and let your presence speak volumes.

Step 3: Maintain a Devil-May-Care Attitude Channel Dante's carefree and adventurous spirit. Approach every party activity with enthusiasm and a fearless attitude.

Step 4: Show Off Your Sword Skills (Safely) If you're comfortable, practice a few sword moves (safely) to showcase Dante's combat skills. But remember, safety first!

Step 5: Be the Life of the Party As Dante, you're the life of the party. Engage in conversations, dance, and make sure everyone has a devilishly good time.

About Dante

Dante, the iconic devil hunter from the Devil May Cry series, is a character whose style and charisma are second to none. Originally envisioned by series creator Hideki Kamiya, Dante's distinctive look centers around a long, fashionable coat, creating a showy and heroic character.

Interestingly, Dante's inspiration draws from Cobra, a beloved Japanese manga and anime series character, known for his red garments and assertive attitude. Despite these influences, Dante is unique in his refusal to smoke, embodying a coolness that transcends the need for a cigarette.

Throughout his various appearances in the Devil May Cry series, Dante has maintained his striking affinity for red clothing, typically in the form of long, two-sided coats.

Additional Tips

  • Practice Dante's famous one-liners and devilish smirk for added authenticity.
  • If you're comfortable, consider adding temporary white hair color or a wig to match Dante's signature look.
  • Watch Devil May Cry gameplay or play some Devil May Cry to immerse yourself in Dante's character.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Dante


Congratulations! You're now equipped to embrace the role of Dante, the devil hunter extraordinaire, this Halloween. From crafting the perfect costume to embodying his charismatic persona, you're ready to make a bold statement at your Halloween gathering. So, gear up, embrace the adventure, and have a devilishly good time as Dante from Devil May Cry. Happy Halloween!

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