Doctor Strange Halloween Costume 2020

How To Dress Like Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Halloween Costume

Doctor Strange Halloween Costume

Dress like Doctor Strange from Marvel Cinematic Universe; Doctor Strange costume consists of doctor strange costume, cape, eye of agamotto necklace, sling ring and doctor strange wig, to complete your doctor strange look don't forget to get doctor strange cosplay boots and magic shield.

Doctor Strange Cosplay Costume


Stephen Vincent Strange, Ph.D., is a powerful wizard and master of the mystical arts. Originally a brilliant, if arrogant, neurosurgeon, Strange got into a car accident in which his hands were crippled.

When all Western medicine failed, Strange embarked on a journey that took him to Kamar-Taj, where Strange had discovered magic and other dimensions and trained them by the ancients. Although Strange focused on healing his hands and returning to his career, he learned more about the mystical arts and helped the masters prevent Kaecilius from merging the Earth with the Dark Dimension, but not before witnessing the death of the Became old. After the death of her mentor, Strange became the protector of the New York Sanctum in New York and the protector of the earth from new interdimensional threats.

Doctor Strange Costume

Before his accident, Strange had a massive ego that fueled his career. Strangely, it only took in patients whom he believed would improve his status, and even refused to heal the back of a U.S. Army colonel, although this injury was a simple injury that any neurosurgeon can repair. His work was also driven by a desire to keep control over death and time, which led him to refuse to examine even a patient whom he believed had little chance of recovery, so his Track record not ruined. However, if he also sees a patient's chance of survival, he helps him recover, even if this is not good for his public image. This shows that he is essentially concerned with saving people. In addition, he seems to prioritize his research before working as a doctor, as his work would save thousands of patients in the coming years, while a doctor will only save a handful of patients with whom he interacts directly. However, this changed after his accident, leaving Strange as a broken man and frustrated again because he couldn't return to the life he knew and even accused Christine Palmer, Nicodemus West and other doctors of ruining his life without accepting this accident was due to his negligence and lack of consideration for his safety. When Strange visited Kamar-Taj, he initially maintained his narrow-minded arrogance and stubbornly refused to believe that the old woman was telling the truth until she violently performed an astral projection and sent him across several dimensions to prove her point of view.

Strange has demonstrated extreme determination and persistence, a useful feature of a doctor, because he would never give up his patients, even if someone with a bullet in his brain should be dead. Strangely it turned out that the patient was still alive to save him successfully. He spent most of his remaining money in seven different operations to heal his hands to bankruptcy. He stayed at Kamar-Taj's front door five hours after being thrown out, spending most of his time in Kamar-Taj. Taj learns and improves his skills and even goes so far that he learns through astral projection in his sleep. He even had himself violently killed by Dormammu countless times until Dormammu gave in to his demands and later gave Thanos the time stone to save Stark's life when he wanted to be killed by the crazy Titan, although he originally wanted to save it time stone. All of this at the cost of his own life made him one of the few people who deserved Stark's respect.

Through his training with the old, Strange gained a new appreciation for the natural order of things through his study of the mystical arts and became more humble. However, this should not mean that he was a completely changed man; He maintained a high-spirited attitude towards people and things when he borrowed books from Wong. This, coupled with his curiosity and willingness to break the rules, made him a strange person in Kamar-Taj and a permanent thorn in the eye of many of his colleagues. However, by nature, he was also more willing to compromise and change his principles, and he quickly accepted that the old woman violated her own rules to do what was considered necessary to protect the world, and he did also had to be willing to do this himself, and the old man, combined with his natural talent in the mystical arts, called him the new master of the New York Sanctum, although he was relatively inexperienced and inexperienced.

As a trained doctor, Strange is a pacifist and tries to avoid harming people as this violates the Hippocratic Oath. He was disgusted by the fact that he killed Lucian Aster and said that he had become a doctor to save lives, not to take them. Neither the old man nor Karl Mordo were particularly impressed by it. The first said that it was his outstanding ego and deception that he could control death himself, which made him a doctor, and the latter simply called him a coward because he didn't have the spine to do what had to be done. Still, Strange claimed there were other ways to defeat their enemies. He finally proved this claim correct by defeating Dormammu without killing him.

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