Scarlet Witch Costume Ideas

Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, has become a popular character among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her role in the recent Disney+ series, Wandavision, has only further solidified her status as a fan favorite. With Halloween just around the corner, many fans are looking for ways to dress up as Wanda Maximoff for their Halloween parties or cosplay events.

In this post, we'll provide you with a WandaVision Halloween costume guide, complete with all the necessary items to create a DIY Wanda Maximoff costume. We'll also provide tips on how to act like Wanda at your Halloween party, so you can fully immerse yourself in the character. And if you're not interested in DIY, we'll even suggest a pre-made Wanda Maximoff WandaVision costume that you can purchase. So, let's dive in and learn how to become Wanda Maximoff for Halloween!

Scarlet Witch Costume Essentials

  • WandaVision Wanda Maximoff Costume

  • Scarlet Witch Costume

  • Multiverse Of Madness Wanda Costume

Multiverse Of Madness Wanda Costume

You will need the following items for your Wanda from Multiverse of Madness Halloween costume:

  1. Multiverse of Madness Wanda Costume
  2. Wanda Maximoff Wig
  3. Red Colored Contact Lenses
  4. Red Eyeliner
  5. Burgundy Knee High Boots

How To Dress Like Wanda Maximoff

Dress Like Wanda Maximoff From WandaVision

Wanda Maximoff's wardrobe fluctuates across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, offering various options for your costume inspiration. Here are some key pieces to help you channel different versions of the Scarlet Witch:

Crimson Chaos: Scarlet Witch Costume (Avengers: Age of Ultron & Beyond)

  • What You Need:
    • Red Bodysuit or Leotard
    • Black Leather Pants or Leggings
    • Red Superhero Cape
    • Black Leather Fingerless Gloves
    • Red Ankle Boots or Knee-High Boots
  • How to Do It:
    • Choose a comfortable and form-fitting red bodysuit or leotard as the base.
    • Pair it with sleek black leather pants or leggings for a touch of edgy elegance.
    • Add the iconic red superhero cape for an instantly recognizable silhouette.
    • Complete the look with black leather fingerless gloves and red ankle boots or knee-high boots for added power and style.
  • Bonus Tips:
    • Accentuate your waist with a belt or corset for a more defined figure.
    • Consider adding red contact lenses for an extra-intense gaze.
    • To fully embrace the "WandaVision" theme, add a vintage-inspired headpiece or headband.

Mystical Makeover: Wanda Maximoff Costume (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)

  • What You Need:
    • Long-sleeved Black Shirt or Blouse
    • Dark-colored Vest or Jacket
    • Dark-colored Pants or Leggings
    • Wanda Maximoff Wig (long, wavy, deep side part)
    • Red Contact Lenses
    • Red Eyeliner
    • Burgundy Knee-High Boots
  • How to Do It:
    • Opt for a long-sleeved black shirt or blouse as the base layer.
    • Add a dark-colored vest or jacket for a more structured and powerful look.
    • Choose dark-colored pants or leggings to complete the bottom half of the costume.
    • Rock a Wanda Maximoff wig with long, wavy hair and a deep side part.
    • Enhance your eyes with red contact lenses and red eyeliner for that Scarlet Witch intensity.
    • Finish off the ensemble with a pair of stylish and sturdy burgundy knee-high boots.
  • Bonus Tips:
    • Apply dark makeup to create a slightly smoky eye effect.
    • Practice a confident and determined posture to embody the character's power.
    • Consider adding a miniature Darkhold book prop for an additional touch of authenticity.

Retro Revival: Wanda Maximoff Costume (WandaVision)

  • What You Need:
    • 1950s-style Dress or Skirt & Blouse
    • Apron Dress or Pinafore (optional)
    • Wanda Maximoff Headpiece (vintage-inspired)
    • Red Tights or Stockings
    • Red Flats or Pumps
  • How to Do It:
    • Select a 1950s-style dress or skirt and blouse combination for the vintage aesthetic.
    • Add an apron dress or pinafore for the full "WandaVision" sitcom vibe.
    • Don't forget the vintage-inspired Wanda Maximoff headpiece to complete the look.
    • Opt for red tights or stockings to maintain the color theme.
    • Wear comfortable red flats or pumps for a classic touch.
  • Bonus Tips:
    • Style your hair in a vintage-inspired updo or with victory rolls.
    • Carry a prop purse or basket to add to the character's charm.
    • Consider adding a red bow or headband to match the headpiece.

These are just a few examples to ignite your creativity. Feel free to mix and match elements from different versions of Wanda or add your own personal touches to make the costume truly your own. Remember, the most important factor is to have fun and embrace the spirit of the character!

Scarlet Witch Cosplay

Dress Like Scarlet Witch

Merely wearing the costume isn't enough; truly becoming Wanda Maximoff requires capturing her essence. Here are some tips to help you embody her personality and mannerisms at your Halloween party:

How to act like Scarlet Witch at the Halloween Party:

1. Channel Confident Power:

  • What To Do: Stand tall with your shoulders back and head held high.
  • How To Do It: Imagine yourself as a powerful sorcerer capable of manipulating reality.
  • Bonus Tip: Practice your walk and posture beforehand to achieve the right presence.

2. Embrace Mysterious Ambiguity:

  • What To Do: Speak in measured tones with cryptic undertones.
  • How To Do It: Leave some things unsaid, letting your actions speak louder than words.
  • Bonus Tip: Use subtle facial expressions and body language to convey hidden emotions.

3. Display Occasional Vulnerability:

  • What To Do: Allow glimpses of Wanda's emotional struggles and past trauma.
  • How To Do It: Use pauses, sighs, or fleeting expressions of sadness or longing.
  • Bonus Tip: Avoid being overly dramatic or melodramatic; keep it subtle and nuanced.

4. Unleash the Scarlet Witch's Wit:

  • What To Do: Deliver witty remarks with a hint of sarcasm or dry humor.
  • How To Do It: Observe Wanda's interactions in the movies and draw inspiration from her dialogues.
  • Bonus Tip: Prepare some witty one-liners or retorts to enhance the character's playful side.

5. Interact with Others in Character:

  • What To Do: Engage with other guests as Wanda, incorporating her personality and abilities into your interactions.
  • How To Do It: Use your knowledge of the character to create unique and engaging conversations.
  • Bonus Tip: Be playful and open to improvisation, allowing the situation to guide your interactions.

Remember, the key is to find a balance between confidence and vulnerability, mystery and humor. By embodying Wanda's multifaceted personality and showcasing her signature traits, you'll create a mesmerizing and unforgettable impression at your Halloween party.

About Scarlet Witch

Dress Like Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is a captivating character who has captivated audiences in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Elizabeth Olsen brings her to life with nuanced portrayals, showcasing her complex personality and powerful abilities.

Character Overview:

  • Role in Shows: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Wandavision, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  • Played By: Elizabeth Olsen

Background and Personality Traits:


  • Confident and powerful: Despite experiencing trauma and loss, Wanda possesses a strong will and unwavering determination.
  • Mysterious and enigmatic: She often keeps her true intentions veiled, adding depth and intrigue to her character.
  • Vulnerable and compassionate: Beneath her exterior lies a wounded soul grappling with grief and inner conflict.
  • Witty and playful: Wanda possesses a sharp sense of humor, offering moments of lightheartedness amidst the darkness.


  • Long, flowing hair: Typically depicted with dark brown or red hair, often worn down or in a loose braid.
  • Expressive eyes: Wanda's eyes are a key feature, often reflecting her emotions and inner turmoil.
  • Strong and athletic build: Her physical prowess is evident in her fighting style and ability to manipulate reality.
  • Elegant and stylish: Wanda has a knack for fashion, often opting for sophisticated outfits that reflect her confidence and power.

Role in the Story:

Overcoming Trauma: Throughout her journey, Wanda battles her inner demons and the devastating consequences of her powers.

Discovering Her Identity: She embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery, embracing her true potential as the Scarlet Witch.

Cultural Impact:

Empowering Figure: Wanda has become an icon for female empowerment, inspiring young girls and women with her resilience and strength.

Mental Health Awareness: Her struggles with grief and trauma shed light on the importance of mental health awareness and seeking help.

Further Reading:

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Who Should Consider a Wanda Maximoff Costume?

Wanda Maximoff Halloween Costume

Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, embodies strength, complexity, and a touch of mystery. This Halloween, consider channeling your inner superhero with a Wanda costume if:

1. You Love Powerful Female Characters:

  • Ideal for: Fans of strong female characters who take charge and overcome challenges.
  • Why it works: Wanda's journey of self-discovery and resilience inspires and empowers.

2. You Crave a Bit of Mystery:

  • Ideal for: Those who enjoy playing characters with hidden depths and motivations.
  • Why it works: Wanda's enigmatic nature allows for creative interpretation and playful ambiguity.

3. You Want a Multifaceted Costume:

  • Ideal for: Individuals who enjoy costumes with diverse interpretations based on different MCU appearances.
  • Why it works: Wanda's costumes evolve throughout the MCU, offering a range of options from classic superhero to vintage sitcom attire.

4. You Value a Balance of Confidence and Vulnerability:

  • Ideal for: Those who appreciate characters who are both strong and capable, yet also possess emotional depth and vulnerability.
  • Why it works: Wanda's portrayal allows you to showcase both your powerful and sensitive sides.

5. You Enjoy a Touch of Playfulness and Humor:

  • Ideal for: Individuals who appreciate characters with a witty side and a knack for clever comebacks.
  • Why it works: Wanda's sense of humor adds a layer of lightheartedness to her complex persona.

If you find yourself drawn to any of these traits, then a Wanda Maximoff costume could be the perfect Halloween choice for you. Embrace your inner Scarlet Witch and embark on a night of magic and wonder!

Who Should Think Twice

While a Wanda Maximoff costume offers a powerful and captivating Halloween option, there are some considerations worth pondering before fully embracing the Scarlet Witch:

1. Costume Complexity:

  • Consideration: The various versions of Wanda's costume can require intricate details and specific props, potentially demanding more time and effort to create.
  • Potential Issue: If you're short on time or resources, achieving the desired level of accuracy might be challenging.
  • Alternative: Consider focusing on simpler interpretations of the costume, emphasizing key elements like color scheme and accessories.

2. Portrayal Accuracy:

  • Consideration: Capturing Wanda's personality and mannerisms requires a nuanced understanding of the character's emotional depth and motivations.
  • Potential Issue: A shallow or inaccurate portrayal of Wanda could undermine the character's complexity and reduce the overall impact of the costume.
  • Alternative: Invest time in understanding Wanda's journey through the MCU and practice subtle expressions and gestures to convey her essence.

3. Cultural Sensitivity:

  • Consideration: Wanda's characterization touches upon themes of grief, trauma, and mental health struggles.
  • Potential Issue: Certain interpretations of the costume or behavior might be insensitive or disrespectful to individuals facing similar experiences.
  • Alternative: Approach the costume with awareness and respect, avoiding portrayals that trivialize or exploit sensitive topics.

4. Physical Comfort:

  • Consideration: Some versions of Wanda's costume include tight-fitting clothing, heavy accessories, and potentially uncomfortable footwear.
  • Potential Issue: Discomfort throughout the night could detract from the fun and enjoyment of the Halloween celebration.
  • Alternative: Choose costume elements that prioritize comfort while still maintaining the essence of the character.

5. Accessibility and Budget:

  • Consideration: Certain costume elements, like wigs, contact lenses, and elaborate props, can be costly and not easily accessible to everyone.
  • Potential Issue: Financial limitations might make achieving the desired costume look challenging.
  • Alternative: Explore DIY options, utilize readily available materials, and focus on creative interpretations that work within your budget.

Remember, the most important aspect of any costume is to have fun and express yourself creatively. If you're passionate about Wanda Maximoff and confident in your ability to portray her respectfully, then embrace the Scarlet Witch and let your inner magic shine through!

Additional Tips

To elevate your Scarlet Witch costume to the next level, attention to detail is key. These additional tips will help you refine your portrayal of Wanda Maximoff, ensuring an authentic and memorable experience.

  1. Perfecting the Makeup

    • Tip: Capture Wanda's signature makeup look.
    • How to Implement: Use a smoky eye shadow palette, adding a hint of red to echo her costume. A subtle use of red lipstick can also enhance the overall appearance. Remember to keep the look powerful yet understated, as Wanda’s makeup is never overdone.
  2. Accentuating the Costume

    • Tip: Add unique touches to the costume for authenticity.
    • How to Implement: Consider sewing in custom embellishments or adding texture to the costume for a more realistic look. Fabric paint or weathering techniques can give the costume a battle-worn appearance, adding depth to the character portrayal.
  3. Getting into Character

    • Tip: Embody Wanda's persona beyond her outfit.
    • How to Implement: Study Wanda’s movements and speech from the films and series. Practice her confident yet reserved body language, and work on mimicking her accent if you're up for a challenge.
  4. Accessorizing Appropriately

    • Tip: Choose accessories that complement the costume.
    • How to Implement: Select items like Wanda’s necklace or a replica of her magical talismans. If you wear glasses, consider incorporating them into the costume in a creative way, such as turning them into a piece of her magical gear.
  5. Comfort and Mobility

    • Tip: Ensure your costume is comfortable and allows for movement.
    • How to Implement: Choose materials and footwear that won’t restrict movement. If the costume involves layers, make sure they are breathable and manageable, especially if you plan to wear it for extended periods.

The essence of a great Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch costume, lies in the details. From makeup and accessories to comfort and character study, each element plays a crucial role in bringing the character to life. Remember, the best costumes are those that are not only visually striking but also allow you to move and enjoy the festivities comfortably.

Couple and Group Costume Ideas Featuring Wanda Maximoff

Pairing up or grouping with Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, for Halloween, can create some memorable and striking costume combinations. Whether it's for a couple's theme or a group ensemble, here are some creative ideas to complement Wanda's iconic look.

Couple Costume Ideas

1. Scarlet Witch and Vision:

  • Concept: A classic and iconic duo, showcasing the powerful bond between Wanda and her partner in love and life.
  • Costume Suggestions:
    • Wanda: Red bodysuit or dress, cape, headpiece, red gloves and boots.
    • Vision: Green or yellow bodysuit, cape, mind stone headpiece.
  • Bonus Points: Create a shared energy blast prop or practice synchronized poses and gestures.

2. Genderbent Wanda and Vision:

  • Concept: A playful twist on the classic pairing, featuring a male Wanda and a female Vision.
  • Costume Suggestions:
    • Male Wanda: Red suit or jacket, tie, headpiece modified for a masculine style, red gloves and shoes.
    • Female Vision: Green or yellow dress, cape, mind stone headpiece adapted for a feminine look.
  • Bonus Points: Add humorous elements to the costumes or incorporate playful interactions during the Halloween party.

Group Costume Ideas:

1. Avengers Assemble:

  • Concept: Unite with your friends to form a mighty team of superhero allies.
  • Costume Suggestions: Choose characters from the Avengers team alongside Wanda, like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, or Thor.
  • Bonus Points: Coordinate group poses and action sequences, creating a truly immersive experience.

2. Marvel Magic Users:

  • Concept: Combine the mystical forces of the Marvel Universe with Wanda.
  • Costume Suggestions: Include other characters like Doctor Strange, Agatha Harkness, Loki, or Scarlet Witch variants from the multiverse.
  • Bonus Points: Practice spellcasting gestures and choreograph magical battles for a captivating group performance.

3. Family Magic:

  • Concept: Include the entire family in the fun with a multi-generational Wanda-inspired theme.
  • Costume Suggestions: Parents can dress as Wanda and Vision, while children can be dressed as Billy and Tommy.
  • Bonus Points: Use props and decorations to create a magical atmosphere at home or during the Halloween party.

Remember, these are just a few suggestions to spark your creativity. Feel free to mix and match characters, costumes, and ideas to create a unique and memorable group experience. Let the magic of Wanda Maximoff and the Halloween spirit unite you and your loved ones for a truly unforgettable celebration.

Wanda Maximoff Costume FAQs

  1. Q: How can I create a budget-friendly Wanda Maximoff costume?
    • A: Focus on key elements like a red top, black pants, and a simple cape. Use regular makeup for her look and DIY the headpiece using craft materials. Thrift stores can be great places to find base pieces inexpensively.
  2. Q: What are essential accessories for a Wanda Maximoff costume?
    • A: Key accessories include Wanda's headpiece, a red cape, and, for her "Multiverse of Madness" look, red colored contact lenses. If you're portraying her "WandaVision" version, consider a pendant or necklace similar to what she wears in the show.
  3. Q: Is it necessary to wear a wig for the Wanda Maximoff costume?
    • A: It's not necessary but recommended if you want to capture her exact look, especially if your hair differs significantly from her style. Wanda's hair is typically long, wavy, and auburn.
  4. Q: How can I make my Wanda Maximoff costume stand out?
    • A: Pay attention to details in the costume design and makeup. Adding subtle touches like weathering on the costume for a more realistic look or perfecting her makeup and expressions can make your costume stand out.
  5. Q: Are there any tips for staying comfortable while wearing the Wanda Maximoff costume?
    • A: Choose breathable fabrics and comfortable footwear, especially if you plan to wear the costume for long periods. If the costume involves layers, ensure they are manageable and not overly restrictive.

These FAQs cover some common questions about creating and wearing a Wanda Maximoff costume, helping ensure your experience is as magical as the character herself.


Embodying Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, for Halloween or cosplay is an adventure into the world of magic, strength, and complexity. This guide has provided you with the essentials for crafting her iconic look, understanding her character, and bringing her to life in a memorable way. Whether you're a solo cosplayer, part of a duo, or in a group, let the spirit of Wanda Maximoff inspire your costume and make your portrayal truly enchanting

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