Dress Like Ladybug From Bullet Train

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume


You will need the following items for your Ladybug Halloween Costume:

Known for personally favoring bucket hats. "He said, 'I feel like I'm retired and I'm sitting on a dock fishing,'" says Bram, referencing an off-screen backstory that Pitt created for his character. "This got me so excited because I'm obsessed with work-wear. It was such a cool, original idea. The fact that it was unexpected was so obvious and the fact that he's willing to take that kind of risk, I love it."

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How To Dress Like Ladybug From Bullet Train

Ladybug Bullet Train Halloween Costume

Dress like Ladybug from Bullet Train;

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume Hat: #1 bucket hat cotton summer sun beach fishing cap.

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume Glasses: #2 black splinter square reading glasses.

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume Jackets: #3 green insulated Eisenhower front-zip jacket, #12 auburn zip-front yellow golf jacket

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume Wig: #4 blonde short layered natural synthetic heat resistant wig.

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume Pants:#5 green scrubs pant natural rise drawstring, #10 classic 5-pocket regular fit flex jeans.

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume Accessories: #6 fake realistic 100% human hair full hand-tied facial hair brown goatee false beard, #7 silver gray hair wax, #13 leather strips shoe jewelry leather roll for lace braided bracelet, #15 small aluminum briefcase.

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume Brad Pitt Watch: #8 Breitling mechanical-hand-wind AVI ref 765. 1953 limited re-edition watch.

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume Coat: #9 winter double breasted green belted pea coat outdoor woolen warm jacket.

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume T-Shirt: #11 crew neck t-shirt pack of 6.

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume Jewelry: #14 gold chain bracelet.

Bullet Train Ladybug Costume Sneaker: #16 slip-on sneakers, lightweight barefoot feel & breathable all-weather shoes, drop-in heel & comfortable fit.

Ladybug Halloween Costume

Ladybug Bullet Train Cosplay

Ladybug could be one of Brad Pitt's best characters, displaying intelligence, faithfulness, and sensitivity. Similarly, they generally display gifted traits that can bring out the best in them.

Appreciate being around people who understand their presence, because that's how Ladybug reacted when he realized that Maria had come to his aid. Ladybug is sensitive when he was feeling terrible for the other people on the train, and his intelligence is shown when he managed to fool the White Death in their climactic encounter.

Ladybug Cosplay

Bram says that she and Pitt are making a custom bucket hat.

Pitt's sit-on-a-dock concept inspired a slightly nautical flair in both the peacoat design and the choice of a white Wittmore x Velva Sheen tee.

What the cuts were and how the fabrics felt were very important to him. It mattered how wide the pants were and how long they were worn. As he put these things on, you could see he was becoming a character of sorts.

They went through a series of jacket silhouettes until we found one with just the right simplicity and drape.

The fabrics for the jackets and pants were cotton twill, "real workwear fabrics" paired with ultra-soft, slim corduroy for the bucket hat and waxed cotton for the pea coat. They had to dye the jacket the correct green which was another whole process as dyeing can be very difficult especially if you are making multiples.

It took several similar agings to get a glimpse of all the bloody battles and months of action. Pitt's double wardrobe included 20 T-shirts, 14 pairs of pants, and 12 copies of the work jacket.

A flashback scene with Pitt was a "last-minute thing," says Bram. The items of clothing seen there, she explains, are versions of the work jacket and trousers, as well as a mustard-colored bucket hat. All were "part of the research and development we originally did before deciding on the colors that would look best on the train with the rest of the cast," says Bram.

Pitt's bold black '90s-inspired Origins Bullet 1 Man eyewear is from Italian brand Police, while his retro-inspired cream low-top sneakers are from All Saints.

Stacked bracelets, rings, and necklaces that Pitt wears in the film are his own pieces, alongside a Breitling prop watch. (The actor is an ambassador for the Swiss watchmaker.) "We ended up copying some of his personal jewelry for stunts," says Bram. "For me, it was a cool touchstone, like a thread connecting him to the character."

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