Dress Like The Hornet From Bullet Train

Bullet Train The Hornet Costume


You will need the following items for your Bullet Train The Hornet Halloween Costume:

Welcome to the exciting world of Bullet Train, where high-speed action meets slick fashion. We're going to take a closer look at one of the most stylish characters in the film: The Hornet.

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How To Dress Like The Hornet From Bullet Train

The Hornet Bullet Train Halloween Costume

Dress like The Hornet from Bullet Train;

Bullet Train The Hornet Costume Hat: #1 bowler hat pengakap pemimpin perempuan, #2 Champion embroidered logo bucket hat, #4 light weight classic soft cool mesh crushable fedora hat.

Bullet Train The Hornet Costume Wig: #3 ombre platinum blonde long wavy wig.

Bullet Train The Hornet Costume: #5 navy blue WW2 Air Force captain costume.

Bullet Train The Hornet Costume Accessories: #6 navy poly solid satin zipper tie, #9 continuous adjustable animal injector.

Bullet Train The Hornet Costume Suit: #7 navy 2 piece skirt suit set business blazer jacket and pencil skirt.

Bullet Train The Hornet Costume Shirt: #8 long sleeve button down simple pullover stretch formal casual dress shirt.

Bullet Train The Hornet Costume Glove: #10 white cotton glove for formal parade marching costume party dress.

Bullet Train The Hornet Costume Stockings: #11 4 pairs white silk thigh high stockings nylon sock.

Bullet Train The Hornet Costume Shoe: #12 navy wide width flat comfort casual pointed suede cozy anti slip sole ballet shoe.

Bullet Train The Hornet Halloween Costume

The Hornet Bullet Train Cosplay

First, let's talk about her wardrobe. The Hornet is a woman of many talents, and her fashion sense is no exception. She wears an elegant navy skirt suit that hugs her every curve and accentuates her toned body. The suit must be made of a high-tech material that allows for maximum flexibility, making it perfect for all of their high-speed stunts.

The Hornet's wardrobe isn't just about functionality, it's also about style. She pairs her bodysuit with a pair of flats that are both practical and fashionable. These shoes are made of durable material and have a pointed toe that adds a touch of edge to your look.

The Hornet isn't just a fashion icon — it's also a force to be reckoned with. Throughout the film, she displays her incredible fighting skills, defeating opponents with ease. She is quick on her feet and always one step ahead of her enemies, making her a formidable opponent.

So there you have it folks – The Hornet is not only a fashion icon but also a fierce warrior. A true style icon, she proves that you can be both stylish and wild. So next time you watch Bullet Train, make sure to pay attention to The Hornet's wardrobe you might learn a thing or two about fashion and action.

Bullet Train The Hornet Cosplay

The Hornet is one of the two overarching antagonists in the 2022 action comedy Bullet Train, based on Kōtarō Isaka's 2010 dark comedic thriller novel Maria Beetle.

She is an assassin known for using snake venom, hired by the White Death to infiltrate a bullet train, kill his son and steal his briefcase. The hornet was also responsible for the death of the wolf's wife, prompting him to board the train to find her.

Zazie Beetz portrayed her in her first villain role.

Upon entering the train, the hornet disguises itself as a mascot named Momonga and kills the White Death's son as requested by her employer. She has a brief brawl with Ladybug, both of whom try to get the White Death's trunk but are knocked unconscious with a slap.

A little later, the hornet disguises itself as a train attendant and attacks Ladybug again. They get into a fight before Ladybug injects her own lethal injection. She tries to give herself the antidote but Ladybug uses it and Hornet is killed by the poison. Her body likely remained in the bar car and is believed to have been damaged when the bullet train was destroyed at the end.

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