Minecraft Steve Costume

How to Dress Like Steve From Minecraft

Steve Paxis the main antagonist of both World War I, World War II - Electric Boogaloo, and the unreleased World War 3 - I lost my Spleen.

How to Dress Like Minecraft Steve
How to Dress Like Minecraft Steve

Minecraft Steve Costume

Minecraft Steve Halloween Costume

Dress like Minecraft Steve; Minecraft Steve costume consists of blue pants, teal T-Sshirt, minecraft Steve head mask, Minecraft pickaxe and Minecraft diamond sword, to complete your Minecraft Steve costume don't forget to get gray sneakers and Minecraft creeper toy.

Minecraft Steve Cosplay

Steve has become a video game sensation since the birth of Minecraft. He was introduced several times, especially in the Minecraft universe. He was featured in a YouTube series developed by Element Animation. The YouTube series marked the popular rise of Element Animation and introduced Jason the Egg to the realm of Minecraft.

Other popular video game franchise companies have also included Steve in the game. He is seen in Borderlands 2. In Hybrid, Steve's head can be unlocked for those who have managed to reach level 20 as a paladin.

In Retro City Rampage Steve plays as a unlockable character. Unlocking also unlocks the "Big Head" mode

Minecraft Steve Cosplay
Minecraft Steve
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