Dress Like Yoko Tanaka

Are you a fan of the Netflix series Wednesday and looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Look no further than Yoko Tanaka, the stylish vampire student at Nevermore Academy with a Harajuku-inspired goth flair.

Yoko Tanaka Outfits


You will need the following items for your dress like Yoko Tanaka:

  1. Blue Nevermore Academy Uniform,
  2. Purple Jogger Pants
  3. Black Long Straight Wig
  4. Violet Ray Lipstick
  5. Black Chunky High Heel Boots
  6. Vintage Round Sunglasses

To dress up like Yoko Tanaka, follow these steps:

  • Blue Nevermore Academy Uniform: You can find a similar blue uniform online or in a costume store. The uniform typically consists of a blue blazer, white shirt, and matching blue skirt.
  • Black Long Straight Wig: Yoko Tanaka has long straight black hair. Purchase a wig that matches her hair color and style to complete the look.
  • Violet Ray Lipstick: Apply violet-colored lipstick to your lips to mimic Yoko's unique style.
  • Black Chunky High Heel Boots: Yoko wears black chunky high-heel boots with her uniform. Find a similar pair to complete the look.
  • Vintage Round Sunglasses: Finish off the costume with a pair of vintage round sunglasses similar to the ones Yoko wears.

By following these steps, you can dress up like Yoko Tanaka and channel her cool and unique style.


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How To Dress Like Yoko Tanaka from Wednesday

Yoko Tanaka Cosplay Costume Dress Wednesday

To dress like Yoko Tanaka, you will need the following items:

  • Blue Nevermore Academy Uniform - Yoko wears the standard Nevermore Academy uniform with an untucked white shirt and skirt.
  • Black Long Straight Wig - Yoko's long black hair is a signature part of her look, so a black wig is a must.
  • Violet Ray Lipstick - Yoko's lips are always adorned with bold, violet-colored lipstick.
  • Black Chunky High-Heel Boots - To add some height and edge to the costume, opt for a pair of black chunky high-heel boots.
  • Vintage Round Sunglasses - Yoko is almost always seen wearing blackout glasses, so a pair of vintage round sunglasses will complete the look.
  • Purple Jogger Pants (Optional) - For a more comfortable alternative to the standard Nevermore Academy uniform pants, you can choose to wear purple jogger pants instead.
  • Tattoos (Optional) - Yoko has tattoos on her hands, so if you want to add a bit more authenticity to your costume, consider using temporary tattoos to mimic her ink.

When it comes to makeup, focus on creating a flawless, pale complexion with a subtle contour and highlight. Add some dark eyeliner and mascara to create a sultry, vampy look.

By following this Yoko Tanaka Halloween costume guide, you'll be able to channel the cool and confident energy of this unique Nevermore Academy student.


Yoko Tanaka Halloween Costume

Yoko Tanaka Halloween Costume Cosplay Dress Wednesday

If you're looking to dress up as Yoko Tanaka from the Netflix series Wednesday for Halloween, it's also important to embody her character and mannerisms. Here are some tips on how to act like Yoko Tanaka for Halloween:

  • Stay cool and collected: Yoko is known for being one of the 'cool' kids at Nevermore Academy, so try to embody her demeanor by staying calm, cool, and collected. Avoid getting too worked up or stressed out and try to maintain a sense of confidence and poise.
  • Show your competitive side: Yoko is a competitive person, as seen in her participation in the Poe Cup competition. Embrace this side of her character by getting into the spirit of competition and perhaps even challenging your friends to a game or activity.
  • Care about others: Despite her tough exterior, Yoko cares deeply about her friends and others. Show this by making an effort to check in on your friends and offering to help out if they need it.
  • Display some fencing skills: Yoko participates in fencing club and classes at Nevermore Academy, so consider practicing your fencing skills or incorporating a toy sword into your costume to showcase this aspect of her character.
  • Embrace gothic influence: Yoko has a Harajuku-inspired goth flair, so consider adding some gothic-inspired elements to your costumes, such as dark lipstick or black nail polish.

Overall, embodying Yoko Tanaka's character for Halloween is all about maintaining a cool and competitive demeanor while still caring about others and embracing your gothic side.


Wednesday Cosplay

If you're planning to dress up as Yoko Tanaka for Halloween, there are many other characters that your friends and family can dress up as to create a fun group costume. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Wednesday Addams Costume Guide: As the main character in the Netflix series Wednesday, Wednesday Addams would make a great addition to your group costume. Dress in her signature black dress and braids and carry a spider or two.
  2. Enid Sinclair Costume Guide: Yoko's close friend and fellow member of the Nightshade Society, Enid Sinclair is also a popular character from the series. Dress in a similar goth-inspired style with a dark dress, boots, and dark lipstick.
  3. Divina: Another member of the Nightshade Society, Divina has a similar goth-inspired look to Yoko and would be a great addition to your group costume. Dress in black clothing with gothic accessories like chokers or spiked bracelets.
  4. Bianca Barclay: Yoko's rival-turned-friend, Bianca Barclay could be a fun addition to your group costume. Dress in a preppy style with a plaid skirt and sweater, but add some gothic flair with dark lipstick and black accessories.
  5. Tyler Galpin: While not a member of the Nightshade Society, Tyler Galpin is a character that your group could include in your costume. Dress in a preppy style with a blazer and dress pants, but add some monster makeup or accessories to signify his true nature.

These are just a few ideas for characters that could join your Yoko Tanaka Halloween group costume. Get creative and have fun with your friends and family!

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