Dress Like Enid Sinclair

If you're a fan of The Addams Family: Wednesday, then you're sure to love Enid Sinclair's fashion sense. With her love for colorful and fluffy clothes, she's the perfect character to emulate for a fun and bold style.

Enid Sinclair Costume


You will need the following items for your Enid Sinclair Halloween costume:

  1. Enid Sinclair Sweater (Updated)
  2. Enid Sinclair Costume (Updated)
  3. Wavy Bob Blonde Wig / Enid Sinclair Wig
  4. Purple Temporary Hair Color Spray
  5. Hot Pink Temporary Hair Color Spray
  6. Checkerboard Socks
  7. Converse Chuck 70 HIG Black Sportshoes

The roommate and best friend of Wednesday Addams is a werewolf named Enid Sinclair.  Enid comes from a pack of werewolves in San Francisco.  In the series, Enid is one of the few people who keep supporting and taking care of Wednesday. She helps with her investigations into the murders, even though she has no connection to them.

Get the look of Enid Sinclair by dressing up in a pink ombre sweater, mini daisy dress, purple checkered socks and yellow converse sneakers.

Enid loves company. Get a friend to dress up as Wednesday for an awesome girl girl couples costume.

Other Outfits Worn By Enid

  • Enid Sinclair's Sweaters

  • Enid Sinclair's Jackets

  • Enid Sinclair's Skirts & Uniforms

  • Enid Sinclair's Shoes

  • Enid Sinclair's Jewelry & Accessories

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How To Dress Like Enid Sinclair From Wednesday

Enid Sinclair Halloween Costume

Dress like Enid Sinclair from Wednesday;

Enid Sinclair Costume: Enid is a colorful and happy young girl. She is the exact opposite of Wednesday. If you like the style of Enid, There is a high chance, you already have some colorful attires in your wardrobe. If not, head to a retail store to check if you can find them, if you can't, you can check online. There is an exact match of the daisy dress she wore on the series. However, as you can guess, it is already out of stock on Zara online store. Try your chance on Poshmark or Ebay.

Enid Sinclair Outfits

Enid is a slender young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. The ends of her hair have pink and purple highlights She often wears her hair down, but is occasionally seen with a braid on her right side.

She wears the standard Nevermore school uniform. On days when she's not at school, Enid usually wears colorful or fluffy clothes. She accentuates her eyes with colored eye shadow and eyeliner to match her outfit.

Enid is dressed in a pink wig and sequined outfit to match the theme at the Rave'N. Her dress has a furred collar and is white. She has rhinestone makeup under her eyes, red lipstick, and pink eyeshadow. 

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