Ellen Griswold Costume

Ellen Griswold Costume

You will need the following items for your Ellen Griswold Halloween costume:

  1. Vintage Flared Midi Skirt
  2. Ruffle Trim Button Shirt
  3. Control Top Pantyhose
  4. Crystal Rhinestone Brooch
  5. Kitten Heel Pointed Toe Pumps
  6. Ellen Griswold Costume

Ellen Griswold is the mother of the Griswold family and has  more common sense than her husband, Clark. She refers to Clark as 'Sparky.'” Ellen allows him to do all of his wasteful activities to prepare. Including cutting down a Christmas tree that is too large and putting up Christmas decors around their home. Though their vacations usually get messed up by Clark himself, Ellen Griswold has fun planning them.

Get the look of Ellen Griswold by dressing up in a green pleated midi skirt, a ruffle blouse, and black kitten pumps.

Get some of your friends to dress up as The GrinchBad SantaMean GirlsBuddy the ElfCindy Lou WhoKevin and Pigeon Lady from Home Alone, Ellen GriswoldJack SkellingtonOogie Boogie, and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas for the best Christmas party ever.

How To Dress Like Ellen Griswold From National Lampoon's Vacation

Ellen Griswold Halloween Costume

Dress like Ellen Griswold;

Ellen Griswold Costume: One of the best things about this costume is that you can each piece in your daily life. It is a great costume idea for those who don't like spending a fortune for a one time costume. If you don't already have a green flared midi skirt, a ruffle button shirt, and blue kitten heels, just head to a local retail store. If you prefer a full ready costume, you can order it online.

Ellen Griswold Halloween Costume

When you're with the Griswolds, you'll be prepared for a wacky family vacation. Clark uses his vacation time to show how good he is at being a father and a man. He loves his family too much, and he shows it too much.

Ellen is a patient and kind woman, which meshes with Clark's more volatile personality. She enjoys planning their vacations, although their plans often get disrupted by Clark's antics.

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