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How To Dress Like Buzz Lightyear From Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume

Dress like Buzz Lightyear From Lightyear;

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Buzz Lightyear Costume Helmet: #2 white astronaut helmet.

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Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume

Buzz Lightyear Cosplay

Buzz has a notoriously crush on Jessie. While Buzz is usually awkward with her in game mode, in demo mode he refers to her as a seductress and immune to her "bewitching good looks," but when he turns to Spanish mode, he becomes passionate, confident, romantic, and openly expresses his love to the cowgirl with romantic poetry and admiration.

He showed a slightly jealous and flamboyant side when Woody got back and Jessie was just glad to see him alive, replying to Buzz in a jealous tone "el vaquero/the cowboy".

While attempting to escape from Sunnyside instead of helping Woody get up, he athletically opens up on his own straps connected to it, three oval talk buttons - one blue, one green, and one red, a yellow name tag that says "Lightyear" above a red button that pops out purple plastic glider wings with a red and white candy cane.

He has a white jetpack with a purple valve and green triangular accents and two black and yellow stickers - one says, "Danger", and the other says "Jet Exhaust". His white arms have gray circular elbows and matching spheres on the end of his upper arms with black rings on them.

His gloves have purple lines on his knuckles and fingertips and green squares on the back of each. His right arm has a red button on his upper arm with a yellow and black striped sticker that reads "Laser" and a red light on his right wrist.

His left arm has a Space Ranger symbol sticker on his upper arm and a communicator sticker on his wrist communicator and "Made in Taiwan" engraved inside on the lid of the wrist communicator. A black bending with a thin green waist.

His white spaceman pants have matching collars at the bottom and gray spheres behind his knees and hold his white shoes with green toe accents, purple soles, and black handwriting reading "Andy" on his right shoe sole.

Buzz Lightyear Cosplay

Buzz, like many characters in Toy Story, is a complicated character who feels real emotions like pride, anger, depression, and sadness much like a normal human. Those are traits he shares with his best friend Woody, but you could say Buzz is more in control of his emotions than the cowboy.

Buzz is known for his bravery and bravery with a literal mindset that believes in how people should live their lives by following the rules. Although there are rare moments when he bends the rules or tells a cover story when needed when he knows it's the right thing to do. Despite his great leadership skills, one of Buzz's biggest character flaws at times is that he can be quite emotionless.

Like Woody, Buzz will evolve as the series progresses. In Toy Story, he was incredibly tricked into believing that he himself was the real Buzz Lightyear and wouldn't listen when he was told that he really is a toy modeled after the character. Because of this, Buzz believed he could do anything a real Space Ranger could do, like the fly, and that his "laser" was a deadly weapon when it really was just a lightbulb.

Ever since Buzz found out the truth about his deception, he's been a bit embarrassed. In Toy Story 2, when Buzz was attacked by another Buzz Lightyear action figure who also believed himself to be the real Buzz Lightyear, Buzz remarked confidently and annoyed, "Tell me I wasn't so blinded."

Buzz can be charismatic and charming, most of Andy's toys instantly adored him as soon as he was unwrapped. Even Andy, whose favorite toy was Sheriff Woody and had been obsessed with cowboys since kindergarten, fell head over heels for Buzz, who instantly became his second favorite toy.

Buzz also had a vengeful side, such as attacking Woody when he tried to "terminate" him, justified by saying, "Revenge isn't something we enforce on my planet." But we're not on my planet, correct?

He's a bit irrational at times when trying to save another toy from being blown up by neighborhood juvenile delinquent Sid, despite not knowing that he would be destroyed as well, but it also shows that he is quite brave as he wanted to save a defenseless human even when the odds were against him.

His personality completely changed, especially after he discovered the truth about himself. At first, he fell into a state of manic depression, believing himself to be nothing more than "a silly, simple, insignificant toy" and also developed a slightly suicidal side.

Sid's "cannibal" toys piled up around him, he didn't even look worried. Even when strapped to an explosive missile, he didn't seem remotely concerned that he might die since he was so depressed. But after being given a motivational speech by a captive Woody, he begins to understand his role as a toy; to bring happiness and joy to its owner.

Buzz learns a lot more about honor, friendship, bravery, and selflessness. He is usually seen without a helmet as in Toy Story 2 because he knows he's not a real space ranger and toys don't need space helmets.


Buzz has fully embraced himself as a toy, especially during his encounter with Ultra Buzz when he realizes how infatuated he was with the first film. Woody is one of his closest friends and understands him better than anyone other than his girlfriend Bo Peep.

Buzz is also somewhat ignorant of human cultures, as is the case when he tries to reassure Woody about cowboy camp by accidentally pronouncing s'mores as "schmoes", which Woody corrects. This was also shown in the first one when he looks at Sid and mistakes his dog Scud for him.

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