Eleven Costume Ideas (Season 4 Updated)

Eleven Costumes


Eleven Season 4 Costume

You need the following items for your Eleven from Season 4 Halloween costume:

  1. Button Down Plaid Shirt
  2. Season 4 Eleven Dress
  3. Wavy Brown Wig with Bangs
  4. Crew Socks for Women
  5. Nike Women's Court Legacy Slip On PT Shoes
  6. Season 4 Eleven Costume

Update: Season 4 Eleven Costume For Kids


Now that Eleven is living with the Byers, she seems to change her wardrobe. Instead of colorful clothes that Max introduced her in season 3, she now wears plaid shirts, baggy linen dresses etc.


Eleven Battle Outfit (Yellow Shirt)

Eleven Battle Outfit


Eleven Season 3 Costume

Eleven Season 3 Outfits

You need the following items for your Eleven Season 3 Halloween Costume:

  1. Eleven Season 3 Dress
  2. Brown Wavy Wig
  3. Turquoise Hair Ties
  4. Reebok Princess Sneakers
  5. Fake Ice Cream

This graphic dress is undoubtably fan favorite and maybe Eleven's favorite too, since she wore it to Starcout. The wrap, the designs, the length, the colors...everything about this dress is amazing, and it says a lot about Eleven; she has great powers and has to face bad guys, but in her free time when she doesn't kick one or two asses, she's just a normal girl who likes to have fun.


Eleven Pink Dress Costume

Eleven Season 1 Costume

You need the following items for your Eleven Season 1 costume:

  1. Eleven's Pink Dress
  2. Eleven Cosplay Jacket
  3. Eleven Cosplay Wig
  4. Converse White Sneakers
  5. Green Striped Socks
  6. Stage Blood
  7. Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

After the boys find Eleven, they took Eleven to school, but to do so they had to disguise her, and they did it with the first clothes they could find which at the end formed Eleven's awesome pink costume. The pink dress and blonde wig were owned by Nancy.

How To Dress Like Eleven From Stranger Things

Eleven Yellow Shirt Oufits

Dress like Eleven from Stranger Things;

Eleven's Outfits: Through the show, eleven has been seen in a couple of different outfits, most of which instantly became popular. The first outfit she is seen is a pink dress and a denim jacket. After some time, she got used to living around other kids and also the fashion of the 80s. 

Stranger Things Costume Ideas

Eleven Halloween Costume

Eleven and Hopper in "Battle of Starcourt"

Jane Hopper (born Jane Ives), also known as Eleven, is one of the main characters in the Netflix original series Stranger Things. She has psychokinetic abilities and also has a mysterious past, which very few are aware of. She is played by Millie Bobby Brown. 

El was raised in the Lab and completely deprived of socialization. She was shy, socially withdrawn, and extremely cautious of others. However, she became fiercely protective and showed unwavering loyalty to those who cared for her, especially Mike whom she fell in love with, to the point of sacrificing herself to destroy the monster as it threatened to harm her.

Eleven Outfits

She had very limited vocabulary. She was unable to communicate effectively. These communication difficulties mostly cause misunderstandings with friends. However, she was a quick learner and came up with new ways of communication methods. Fear and  stress had the potential to trigger El's powers in unpredictable times and ways.

How Well Do You Know The Stranger Things Characters?

Think you are the biggest The Stranger Things fan ? Well, think again. Let's see if you can guess these 15 Stranger Things characters based on just their costumes. 

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