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Lucifer Eve Costume

You need the following items for your Eve Halloween costume:

  1. Nude Spandex Full Body Unitard
  2. Long Curly Black Wig
  3. Artificial Tropical Leaves



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How To Dress Like Eve From Lucifer

Eve Halloween Costume

Dress like Eve from Lucifer;

Eve's Costume: Eve has a great sense of fashion and humor. She wears leaves as her costume in one scene. For this costume, you just need some leaves to stick on your underwear or bikini, however, if you prefer you may also use a nude bodysuit.

Eve Cosplay

Eve Cosplay

Eve is a recurring character in Lucifer who appears as Lucifer Morningstar's love interest in season 4 and as a supporting character in seasons 5 and 6. While living in the Garden of Eden, Eve was sexually seduced into a relationship by Lucifer Morningstar, which eventually forced God to send her to earth with Adam and let her live her days as the first humans. She gave birth to Cain and Abel before she finally died and went to heaven.

Eve Halloween Costume

Eve is an energetic party girl who is bored of her marriage to Adam and wants to return to a time when she found herself unpredictable and exciting. She also misses Lucifer. However, their predilection for Lucifer quickly stems from who he was when they first met in the garden, unaware that Lucifer had changed after all his years in Hell. Her obsession is so strong that she does not notice that Lucifer is trying to break up. When she accepts Lucifer leaving her, she tries everything to get back together, including summoning demons to convince him to go back to hell so that they could live as king and queen. Because of this obsession, she doesn't notice Maze's interest in her.

Although she has no contact with the people who came after her, Eve tries her best to adapt. Eve seems to have a quick childish mentality. This childlike nature could be because Eve, as one of the first people on the planet, did not have much experience dealing with other people's negative feelings. The peaceful environment of heaven left her to lack improving her skill of understanding people.


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