Mazikeen Costume

Mazikeen Costume

Other Items Worn By Mazikeen

Mazikeen's Leather Neck Jersey
Mazikeen's Top ( Updated to similar product due to out of stock)
Mazikeen's Mesh Crop Top
Mazikeen's Transparent Jacket
Mazikeen's Metallic Top
Mazikeen's Silver Jacket ( Out of stock, Updated to a similar product)
Mazikeen's Shearling Leather Jacket
Mazikeen's Lexy Jacket
Mazikeen's Red Leather Jacket
Mazikeen's Leather Biker Jacket
Mazikeen's Red Midi Dress
Mazikeen's Mini Dress
Mazikeen's Wine Color Jeans
Mazikeen's Dragon Necklace

Mazikeen Outfits

Dress Like Mazikeen From Lucifer

Dress Like Mazikeen From Lucifer;

Mazikeen Outfit: Mazikeen is fond of sexy, tempting, leather outfits. Her crop top is no exception. She wears shiny leather crop top with gold body chain to give more seductiveness. She also wears shiny leather, skinny fit pants.

Mazikeen Blades: Mazikeen dual wields hell forged blades from hell steel. It is very sharp and can kill celestials.

Mazikeen Accessories: To complete your Mazikeen cosplay costume don't forget to get retro rings and cuff bracelets.

Mazikeen Cosplay

Mazikeen Costume

Mazikeen, aka Maze, is a demon from Hell who takes the form of an very seductive, alluring young woman. For thousands of years she served Lucifer as a servant, lieutenant, executor, assistant and right-wing woman. Lucifer's best friend and former lover worked with him at the Lux nightclub in Los Angeles before embarking on a new career as a bounty hunter with the LAPD.

MazikeenĀ  Halloween Costume

Mazikeen looks like a young, beautiful woman with medium-dark skin. She often wears sexy leather outfits and the color black. She wears her black hair in various styles like wavy, straight, ponytail, etc. However, when she reveals her true demonic nature, the left side of her face looks terribly scarred and mutilated. While most people found it off-putting, Trixie thought it was cool on Halloween.

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