Fairy Godmother Halloween Costume 2020

Fairy Godmother Costume

Dress Like Fairy Godmother From Shrek

Dress Like Fairy Godmother From Shrek

Dress like Fairy Godmother from Shrek;

Fairy Godmother Dress: Fairy Godmother from Shrek wears a red dress with deep side slash.

Fairy Godmother Wig: She has purple wavy hair.

Fairy Godmother Shoes: She wears red flat shoes matching her dress.

Fairy Godmother Wand: She has a standard fairy wand that we are used to.

Fairy Godmother Accessories: To complete your Fairy Godmother cosplay costume don't forget to get fairy wings, half flame glasses, cubic star earrings and false nails.

Fairy Godmother Cosplay

Fairy Godmother Cosplay

Dama Fortuna, better known as Fairy Godmother, is one of Shrek 2's main opponents. Her voice actress is Jennifer Saunders.
The fairy godmother can be seen for the first time when Fiona walks to her bedroom balcony and cries. Her tears supposedly call the good fairy. Upon arrival, the fairy godmother is surprised to learn that Fiona is married to an ogre named Shrek.

Shrek Fairy Godmother Halloween Costume

She is loosely based on the fairytale Cinderella's "Fairy Godmother", the stick figure of Sleeping Beauty and the fortune teller from the original Shrek book by William Steig. She's trying to figure out what's best for her and her son, Prince Charming, and not for others. She often uses blackmail and magic tricks to get her way. She loves to eat when she is desperate