Prince Charming Costume

Prince Charming Costume

Dress Like Prince Charming From Shrek

Shrek Prince Charming

Dress like Prince Charming from Shrek;

Prince Charming Costume: Prince Charming in Shrek wears a blue tunic with star amblems and gold designs and grey leggings.

Prince Charming Wig: Prince Charming has blonde wavy neck length hair.

Prince Charming Accessories: To complete your Prince Charming costume don't forget to get a black medieval belt, a long sword.

Prince Charming Halloween Costume

Shrek Prince Charming Cosplay

As you can see, when he tells his story at the beginning of Shrek 2, he is portrayed as a selfish and arrogant mother boy. He's also something feminine, which Shrek makes fun of and calls him a handsome boy. He's not very intelligent at times as he pretends to be Shrek. He doesn't know that he has to act like Shrek to make a fool of Fiona. He was also very offensive to Shrek for calling him "terrible". He also believed, as shown in his final moments, that it was his "Happily Ever After" with Fiona, but that Shrek had stolen it from him.

Prince Charming Cosplay

However, in Shrek III, he attempted to avenge his mother after her death caused by Harold in Shrek 2. He was ruthless towards his mother, unlike Harold, who had previously conspired with them, as he had no qualms about how they were going to affect Shrek. He was also the only Shrek villain who never got along with Shrek, despite the fact that his mother and little henchmen only pretended to be them and the only one Shrek never trusted. He also shares similarities with Lord Farquaad and Rumpelstiltskin, on the one hand that they both wanted to marry Fiona in order to become king, and on the other hand that their lives were accidentally ruined by Shrek's rescue from Fiona.
Of the four villains (FarquaadFairy Godmother, Charming and Rumpelstiltskin), Charming made the most appearances in the 4 Shrek films after appearing in Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third, and made a cameo in Shrek during the clip Forever after the others were together.

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