Dr Evil Costume

Dr Evil Costume

You need the following items for your Dr. Evil Halloween costume:

  1. Dr Evil Costume for Kids
  2. Dr Evil Costume for Adults
  3. Sphynx Figure
  4. White Persian Plush Cat
  5. Bald Cap
  6. All Seeing Eye of God Ring (Similar Match)
  7. Doctor Evil Pinky Ring (Exact Match)
  8. Special Effect Scar Makeup Kit
  9. Black Crew Socks
  10. White Dress Shoes

Dr Evil's look won't look complete without his arc enemy, Austin Powers, or if you are up for a group cosplay, get your friends to dress up as Vanessa Kensington, Fembot and Foxxy Cleopatra to complete the gang.

How To Dress Like Dr Evil From Austin Powers

Dr Evil Halloween Costume

Dress like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers;

Dr. Evil Costume: Dr. Evil made his debut in Austin Powers with his iconic look (parody of Ernst Stavro Blofeld). Even though he is a proud evil man, his evil plans always succeed to make us all laugh hard.

To get the “evil” look of Dr. Evil you will need to get his costume, a bald cap if are not bald, and a plush cat (he had a white Persian cat originally but after an incident, Mr. Biggleworth's fur had fallen out resulting him to be permanently hairless.)

Dr. Evil Accessories: To complete your Dr. Evil Halloween costume, don't forget to get a pair of black socks, and a pair of white dress shoes. Last but not least, you will also need Dr. Evil's pinky ring.

Dr. Evil Halloween Costume

Dr Evil Cosplay

Douglas Powers (Mike Myers), better known as Dr. Evil, is the main antagonist of the Austin Powers franchise. He is the former nemesis and twin brother of Austin Powers, father of Scott, leader and boss of Number 2 and Frau Farbissin, as well as the genetic template and father of Mini-Me.

Even though some people think he is based on infamous leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il, he is actually a parody of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a villain from the James Bond Franchise.

Dr. Evil Cosplay

Dr. Evil is undoubtedly a mastermind. He invented many "evil" devices to achieve his goals, which change quite often between global domination and global destruction. However, he described himself as a "hands off" type of mastermind, which means that he prefers others to do the manual work for him. These others, as he would like, are deaf and blind, so they can't see the good guys coming. He feels that he doesn't need a rival; it would be better for him to just win.

Although he has a high degree of intelligence, he is prone to distraction, childishness and tends to do things contrary to his plans. For example, leaving Austin in death traps that are easy to get out of, even when his son points out that he could just shoot him. He can be super immature, talking over Scott when his son tries to convince his father, or mocking Number 2 when he also points out flaws in Dr. Evil's plans.

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