Dress Like Flashdance

Get ready to step back in time to the electrifying 80s with a costume that embodies the essence of that era - the Flashdance costume! If you've ever wanted to channel the iconic look of Alexandra "Alex" Owens, played by Jennifer Beals, from the cult classic movie Flashdance, then this Halloween costume guide is for you. With an off-shoulder sweatshirt, leg warmers, and that signature Flashdance style, you'll be ready to dance your way through the night.

Flashdance Costume


You will need the following items for your Flashdance costume:

  1. Off Shoulder Sweatshirt
  2. Flashdance Wig
  3. 80s Leg Warmers
  4. Black Yoga Shorts
  5. Red High Heels

Or: Flashdance Costume

How To Dress Like Alex Owens From Flashdance

Flashdance Halloween Costume

Step 1: Off Shoulder Sweatshirt: Start your transformation with an Off Shoulder Sweatshirt, the iconic piece that defines Alex's look. Let it hang off one shoulder for that authentic 80s vibe.

Step 2: 80s Leg Warmers: No Flashdance costume is complete without 80s Leg Warmers. Pull them up over your calf muscles for that retro dance look.

Step 3: Black Yoga Shorts: Pair your sweatshirt with Black Yoga Shorts. These shorts were a staple of Alex's dance attire in the movie.

Step 4: Red High Heels: Don't forget the Red High Heels to capture the essence of Alex's dancing style. These shoes are a must for completing the look.

Step 5: Flashdance Wig: To replicate Alex's signature hairstyle, wear a Flashdance Wig with curly, messy locks that frame your face.

Flashdance Cosplay

Step 1: Dance Like Nobody's Watching: Embrace your inner dancer and let loose on the dance floor. Channel Alex's passion for dance by showing off your moves.

Step 2: Confidence is Key: Alex exudes confidence in everything she does. Walk with a sense of self-assuredness and own your Flashdance look.

Step 3: Be Independent: Just like Alex, be independent and strong-willed. Express your determination to follow your dreams, just as she did.

Step 4: Friendly and Approachable: Alex is known for her friendly and approachable nature. Strike up conversations, make new friends, and show kindness to fellow partygoers.

Step 5: Show Your Passion: Whether you're discussing dance or your goals, let your passion shine through in your conversations. Alex's dedication to her dreams is one of her most defining traits.

About Alex Owens

Alexandra "Alex" Owens, portrayed by Jennifer Beals, is the 18-year-old protagonist of the iconic 80s movie Flashdance. She's a steelworker by day and an exotic dancer at Mawby's by night. Her ultimate dream is to gain acceptance into a prestigious dance school. Alex is also in a loving relationship with Richie, the short-order cook.

In the film, Alex's character is marked by her unwavering determination, independence, and undeniable talent as a dancer. Her signature look, including the off-shoulder sweatshirt, leg warmers, and red high heels, has become synonymous with 80s fashion.

Flashdance Halloween Costume

By embodying Alex Owens from Flashdance, you'll transport yourself and others back to the vibrant 80s, a time of bold fashion and even bolder dreams. Dance, express yourself, and celebrate the spirit of this iconic character at your Halloween party.

Additional Tips:

  • Practice some 80s dance moves to impress fellow partygoers.
  • Watch the Flashdance movie for inspiration and to channel Alex's character.
  • Don't forget to accessorize with Flashdance costume accessories.
  • Carry a small towel to complete the look and wipe off your dance-induced sweat.
  • Get ready to dance your heart out and have a blast! πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸŒŸ
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