Dress Like June Osborne

Dress Like June Osborne From Handmaid’s Tale


June Osborne, sometimes addressed by her patronymist Offred, now Ofjoseph, is the main protagonist of The Handmaid's Tale (TV series). She is a woman in her thirties, forced to work as a maid in the early years of Gilead because she still has children. She is the wife of Luke and the mother of a small daughter, Hannah Bankole. She is portrayed by Elisabeth Moss.

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June Osborne Costume

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June Osborne by Lee
June Osborne by Lee

Handmaid's Tale June Osborne Cosplay Costume

Dress like June from Handmaid's Tale; June costume consists of long red dress, colonial style bonnet and cape, red scarf and brown ankle boots, to complete your Handmaid's Tale June costume don't forget to get a vintage style shopping bag.

June Osborne Halloween Costume

"We aren't concubines. We're two-legged wombs."

June (as Offred) reflecting on her new social role

June has blond hair and blue eyes. She is about 5 feet 3 inches and has a medium build. June is very pretty and is often noticed for her good looks. In the old world she wore modern trendy clothes. In Gilead she always wears the red robes that all Handmaids must wear.

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