Handmaid’s Tale Wife Costume

Handmaid’s Tale Wife Costume

Handmaid’s Tale Wife Outfits

The wives wear teal in Handmaid's Tale. Teal is indeed beautiful, but actually a color of submission. Women of the commanders have no voice. In many ways, they do not have much more power than the Maids or the Marthas.

They are at the mercy of the men and will be punished if they step out of line. Once Serena Joy, the most prominent woman in the series, disagreed with her husband's wishes. He punished her by ordering her to cut her finger to remind her not to resist him again.

The teal of Serena's clothes is a beautiful and strong color of unhappiness, sadness and depression. That's why we hear someone saying "feeling blue ”. Serena usually looks blue on the series

About Wives from Handmaid's Tale

Wives are a women's class in Gilead. Still under pressure and subjugating their husbands, they are among the highest women in the nation.

However, Wives and Aunts have a significant power and influence in the Republic of Gilead (especially on the maids and other people of both sexes, under the Wives), and most of the wives seem to play a major role. In the establishment of the Republic of Gilead, in particular the creation and implementation of Gilead's draconian religious laws, constitution and strict class / caste system.

Handmaid's Tale Wife Outfits
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