Handmaid’s Tale Wife Costume: Elegance in Teal

Are you ready to step into the dystopian world of Gilead this Halloween? If you're a fan of "The Handmaid's Tale" and want to embody the eerie beauty and silent strength of the Wives, you're in the right place. In this Halloween costume guide, we'll take you through the process of becoming a Handmaid's Tale Wife. From the teal attire that represents both beauty and submission to the nuances of their character, we've got you covered. Get ready to make a statement at your Halloween party with a Handmaid's Tale Wife costume!

Handmaid’s Tale Wife Costume

You will need the following items for your Handmaid's Tale Wife costume:

  1. Teal Maxi Dress
  2. Handmaid’s Tale Wife Cloak
  3. Teal Cardigan Sweater
  4. Teal Kitten Heel Shoes
  5. Teal Long Gloves


How to Dress Like a Handmaid's Tale Wife

The key to a convincing Handmaid's Tale Wife costume is capturing their distinct teal attire and graceful demeanor. Here's a step-by-step guide to nailing the look:

Step 1: Teal Maxi Dress: Start with a teal maxi dress as the foundation of your costume. Teal represents submission, and the Wives' attire is both elegant and symbolic.

Step 2: Handmaid’s Tale Wife Cloak: Layer your dress with a Handmaid’s Tale Wife Cloak. This distinctive cloak adds an air of authority to your outfit.

Step 3: Teal Cardigan Sweater: Add a teal cardigan sweater to stay true to the Wives' color palette. This layering piece is essential for capturing their style.

Step 4: Teal Kitten Heel Shoes: Slip into teal kitten heel shoes to complete the ensemble. These shoes offer both sophistication and comfort.

Step 5: Teal Long Gloves: Don teal long gloves to achieve the final touch. These gloves not only match the outfit but also emphasize the Wife's refined nature.

Handmaid's Tale Wife Cosplay

Handmaid's Tale Wife Outfits

It's not just about the costume; it's about embodying the character. Follow these steps to radiate the commanding presence of a Handmaid's Tale Wife:

Step 1: Graceful Confidence: Wives exude grace and confidence. Walk with poise and confidence, commanding attention wherever you go.

Step 2: Politeness and Decorum: Maintain impeccable politeness and decorum in your interactions. Wives are known for their courtesy.

Step 3: Subtle Authority: Exercise subtle authority in your conversations and actions. Wives hold power beneath their composed exteriors.

Step 4: Measured Speech: Speak with measured tones and a calm demeanor. Precision in speech is a Wife's trademark.

Step 5: Attention to Detail: Pay attention to the smallest details, just like the Wives' meticulous nature. Your meticulousness will be your strength.

About Wives from Handmaid's Tale

In the bleak world of Gilead, the Wives are a complex class of women. They wear the symbolic teal, a color of beauty and submission. Despite their perceived privilege, they are subjugated and silenced, subject to the will of the men around them. The character Serena Joy, the most prominent Wife, exemplifies the struggles within this class. Her rebellion was met with harsh punishment, a reminder of the limited power Wives truly hold. The teal they wear may seem beautiful, but it conceals the unhappiness, sadness, and oppression that they endure. The wives, often feeling "blue," carry the burden of Gilead's harsh reality.

Additional Tips

  • If you can't find exact replicas of the Wife's attire, look for similar teal clothing items.
  • Accessorize your outfit with subtle jewelry to enhance the elegance of the costume.
  • Emulate the poised and measured movements of the Wives to fully embrace the character.
  • Pay attention to hair and makeup details to capture the Wife's refined appearance.
  • Practice graceful and composed gestures to complete the transformation.

Group Costume Ideas with Handmaid's Tale Wife

Consider joining forces with friends for a striking group costume. Pair up as Handmaid's Tale characters such as Handmaids, Marthas, or even Commanders and Aunts for a powerful ensemble that captures the essence of Gilead.

Handmaid's Tale Wife Costume FAQs

  • Are there variations in the Wife costume, or is teal the standard color?

    Teal is the standard color for the Wife costume in "The Handmaid's Tale." While there may be slight variations in style, maintaining the teal color is essential to staying true to the character.


  • How can I achieve the composed demeanor of a Handmaid's Tale Wife?

    To achieve the composed demeanor of a Wife, practice graceful movements, maintain poise, and speak with measured tones. Confidence and subtlety in your actions will help you embody the character.


  • Can I add my unique twist to the costume while staying true to the character?

    Absolutely! While staying faithful to the teal attire is crucial, you can add your unique flair through accessories and makeup. Just ensure that your additions align with the overall elegance and authority of the Wife.


  • Are there specific makeup tips to enhance the Wife's appearance?

For makeup, aim for a polished and refined look. Focus on   subtle and sophisticated makeup, with attention to detail. Neutral shades and well-defined features can enhance the Wife's appearance.


  • How do I strike the right balance between authority and politeness in my interactions?

Balancing authority and politeness is key to portraying a Wife. Maintain impeccable manners while subtly asserting your authority when necessary. Practice speaking confidently and courteously.


  • What's the significance of teal in the Wife's attire, and why is it important to the character?

Teal symbolizes both beauty and submission in the world of Gilead. It represents the Wives' status as the highest-ranking women in society, yet it also conceals their lack of true power and the oppression they face. Teal is a visual paradox, reflecting the complex nature of the character and the society they inhabit.


With our comprehensive guide, you're now equipped to become a Handmaid's Tale Wife this Halloween. The teal attire and graceful demeanor will help you embody the essence of this complex character. Whether you're attending a party or simply enjoying the holiday, remember that it's not just a costume; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Gilead and make a statement. Step into the role with confidence and elegance, and have a memorable Halloween!

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