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Sarah Sanderson Costume


How To Dress Like Sarah Sanderson From Hocus Pocus 2

Sarah Sanderson Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume

Dress like Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus 2;

Sarah Sanderson Costumes: #1 Sarah Sanderson full set, #5 Sarah Sanderson Hocus Pocus dress, #6 Sarah Sanderson sisters costume dress, #7 Sarah Sanderson Halloween costume.

Sarah Sanderson Costume Wig: #2 Sarah Sanderson wig Hocus Pocus 2 costume long blonde wig.

Sarah Sanderson Costume Necklace: #3 white gold plated station necklace.

Sarah Sanderson Costume Flying Broom: #10 realistic wizard flying broom.

Sarah Sanderson Costume Cloak: #9 purple Sarah Sanderson Hocus Pocus cape, #11 purple full length velvet cape hood.

Sarah Sanderson Lipstick: #4 medieval lipstick.

Sarah Sanderson Boot: #8 Sarah mid-calf boot.

Sarah Sanderson Halloween Costume

Sarah Sanderson Hocus Pocus Cosplay

She is very beautiful with long wavy light blonde hair and very fair and flawless skin. And she has a very elegant slim figure. She dresses in shades of purple, including a floral embroidery bodice with lace sleeves, one layered deep purple skirt over another, a redder skirt with a slit at the side, and stockings with black boots. When she is outside or flying, she wears a purple hooded cloak.

Sarah Sanderson Cosplay

Sarah is extremely flirtatious and enjoys playing with people, mostly men. Since she has a sadistic sense of humor, it is heavily implied that "playing" with people means torturing them or simply entering into inappropriate relationships. Despite this, she is very obedient to her eldest sister, Winifred, and probably wouldn't be as evil as her without her guidance. Although Sarah is a fool (much to Winifred's frustration) and often says or does stupid things, her unique power - her enchanting, siren-like voice - makes her a very powerful, dangerous, and valuable witch. With her voice, she enchanted all the children of Salem with the song quoted above.

Despite being Sanderson's youngest sister, Sarah is still a powerful witch that no one should underestimate. Examples of powers she was shown were:

The ability to use one's voice to influence or directly influence other people's minds to carry out their commands. Sarah channeled this power through her beautiful yet eerie singing voice, and although reserved exclusively for children, it was still powerful in the sense that she could hypnotize an entire town's children with just one song, and hypnotized children were enchanted and powerless to resist - after which she "filled the sky" with her siren song, all the children in Salem voluntarily made their way to the sisters' cottage, and their trance was so great that Max's repeated warnings not to hear the song were completely overcome were.

The ability to create drinks that induce certain magical effects. Sarah helped her sisters brew the potion of life.

The ability to cast spells to produce specific magical effects. Sarah often helped her sisters with magic. Other additional abilities she derived from this power include:

The ability to summon curses. To punish Thackery Binx for insulting her and to force him to live forever with his guilt for not saving his sister from them, the three sisters cursed him to become an immortal black cat.

The ability to make others continue an action or series of actions until they literally die. After Winifred hypnotized the adults with her own singing voice, she, Mary, and Sarah sang a catchy song interwoven with a spell that made the adults "dance til they die"

The ability to fly with brooms. Sarah masters the broom flight and could fly with a mop as an alternative to her normal broom handle.

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