Dress Like Jack Conrad

Jack Conrad Costume


You will need the following items for your Jack Conrad Halloween costume:

  1. White Pique Vest & Bow Tie
  2. White Tuxedo Shirt
  3. Slim Fit Dress Pants
  4. Round Silver Cuff links
  5. Men's Retro Pilot Sunglasses
  6. Gold Color Biker Ring
  7. Stainless Steel Smooth Ring
  8. Black Dress Shoes

Jack Conrad, the screen idol of the silent film era, struggles to adapt to the changes in the industry. The character is said to be based on John Gilbert, an oft-quoted example of a popular lead actor whose career took a sharp turn after talkies conquered the industry.

Cosplay Jack Conrad by dressing up in a white tuxedo shirt underneath a white dress vest with a white bow tie, retro sunglasses and black dress shoes.

Get your partner to dress up as Nellie LaRoy alongside Jack Conrad for a great Halloween couple costume.


How To Dress Like Jack Conrad From Babylon

Jack Conrad Halloween Costume

Dress Like John Conrad From Babylon;

Jack Conrad Costume: Brad Pitt is known for great characters with iconic attires, such as Tyler Durden, and Cliff Booth, and Jack Conrad without any doubt has been added to the list. To get the look of Jack Conrad, head to a retail store for a white tuxedo shirt, a white dress vest with a white bow tie, retro sunglasses and black dress shoes if you don't already have them. 

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