Nellie LaRoy Costume Guide

Welcome to the ultimate Nellie LaRoy costume guide, where the allure and mystique of the 1920s meet the captivating world of Hollywood. Nellie LaRoy, a character from the movie "Babylon," embodies the charisma and drama of an era known for its decadence and transformation. This guide will walk you through how to encapsulate the essence of this enigmatic character, portrayed with magnetic allure by Margot Robbie.

Nellie LaRoy Costume Essentials

You will need the following items for your Nellie LaRoy Halloween costume:

  1. Sexy Deep V Neck Sleeveless Maxi Dress
  2. Lace Kiss Hi Leg Brief
  3. Fake Cigarettes
  4. Open Toe Ankle Strap High Heels

Nellie LaRoy, a captivating actress, always turns heads with her presence, similar to the iconic chaotic and party-loving character Harley Quinn, portrayed by Margot Robbie. Her hairstyle frames her face like a radiant crown, especially noticeable as she gracefully lifts her vibrant red dress.

To emulate Nellie LaRoy's look, opt for a striking red dress with a daring deep V-neck, complemented by faux cigarettes and chic black ankle boots. Embrace the role by dancing and channeling your inner rebellious spirit throughout the party!

For those who prefer a duo costume, consider pairing up with someone dressed as Jack Conrad to complete the Nellie LaRoy ensemble.


How Nellie LaRoy From Babylon

Nellie LaRoy Outfits

Creating the Nellie LaRoy look is an exciting journey into the flamboyant world of the 1920s. Here’s how to encapsulate her stunning appearance in five simple steps:

  1. The Dress: Start with the centerpiece - a sexy deep V-neck red maxi dress. This dress isn’t just an outfit; it’s a statement, mirroring Nellie's bold and captivating presence.
  2. The Undergarments: Opt for lace high-leg briefs, offering both comfort and a touch of vintage glamour under your dress.
  3. The Footwear: Choose open-toe ankle strap high heels. These shoes should not only complement the dress but also add an element of sophistication and style indicative of the 20s era.
  4. The Accessories: Carry fake cigarettes to channel Nellie’s rebellious side. This small prop can significantly enhance the authenticity of your costume.
  5. The Hair: Style your hair to flutter around your face, akin to a golden tiara, capturing Nellie’s iconic look. Soft waves or loose curls will help achieve this effect.

Nellie Laroy Cosplay

Dress Like Nellie Laroy

To truly embody Nellie LaRoy at a party, you’ll need to adopt her persona in addition to her look. Here are five steps to help you capture her essence:

Acting Like Nellie LaRoy at a Halloween Party:

  1. Confident Entrance: Make a grand entrance with confidence and poise, just as Nellie would command attention in any room she enters.
  2. Flirtatious Charm: Exude a flirtatious and vivacious charm in your interactions. Nellie is known for her captivating presence, drawing everyone's gaze.
  3. The Rebel Streak: Display a hint of rebelliousness, be it through your dance moves or playful interactions, resonating with Nellie’s bold character.
  4. The Party Spirit: Embrace the essence of the party. Dance with abandon, laugh heartily, and engage with others, embodying Nellie's love for life and the spotlight.
  5. Elegance with an Edge: While being the life of the party, maintain an air of 1920s elegance. Your mannerisms and speech should reflect the charisma and allure of the bygone era, with a touch of modern rebellious spirit.

About Nellie LaRoy

Nellie Laroy is inspired by Clara Bow
Nellie Laroy is inspired by Clara Bow

Nellie LaRoy: The Quintessential 1920s Starlet Nellie LaRoy, a character in the film "Babylon," is a fictional portrayal of the typical 1920s Hollywood actress, vividly brought to life by Margot Robbie. Her character encapsulates the flamboyance and the rebellious spirit of the era. Nellie's ambitious nature and her belief in her own stardom, even before it becomes a reality, are central to her persona.

Inspiration from Real-Life Icons While Nellie is not based on a specific real-life actress, her character is a composite inspired by several silent film stars. Clara Bow, known as the original "It Girl," is a significant influence on Nellie's character. Nellie embodies the allure, vivacity, and the sometimes tumultuous life of actresses in the silent movie era.

Rise to Fame and the Silent Film Era Nellie's journey in "Babylon" mirrors the typical path of many silent film stars of the time. She experiences a meteoric rise to fame, capturing the hearts of the audience with her dramatic flair and radiant personality. Her story is one of triumph and struggle, reflective of the silent film industry's golden days.

Transition to Talkies: A Tumultuous Shift As the film industry transitions from silent films to talkies (films with sound), Nellie faces significant challenges. This period was known for its dramatic impact on the careers of many silent film actors. Nellie's character represents this struggle, highlighting the adaptability and resilience required during this transformative era in Hollywood.

Symbolism and Legacy Nellie LaRoy is more than just a character in a film. She symbolizes the extravagant lifestyle of the 1920s, the emerging freedom and independence of women, and the darker aspects of early Hollywood's glamour. As a quintessential flapper girl – fashion-forward, bold, and liberated – Nellie embodies the spirit of change and the rebellion against traditional norms. Through her, "Babylon" delves into themes of fame, decline, and the relentless pursuit of dreams amid the rapidly evolving landscape of the early film industry.

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Who Should Consider the Nellie LaRoy Costume Idea

Nellie LaRoy
A screenshot from the film 'Babylon' depicting a magazine article discussing the dynamics between the characters Nellie LaRoy and Lady Fay Zhu.

The Nellie LaRoy costume is a brilliant choice for those who resonate with certain characteristics and themes. Here's a detailed breakdown of who should consider this costume:

  • Fans of the Roaring Twenties and Silent Film Era: If you're fascinated by the glamour and rebellion of the 1920s or have a keen interest in the silent film era, Nellie LaRoy's character offers a rich representation of this period.
  • Admirers of Strong Female Characters: Nellie is a symbol of the liberated woman, making her an ideal choice for those who appreciate portrayals of strong, independent women.
  • Lovers of Drama and Flair: If you're drawn to characters with a dramatic flair and an extravagant lifestyle, Nellie’s persona will suit your taste perfectly.
  • Aspiring Performers and Theatrical Enthusiasts: For those who love the stage and screen, embodying Nellie allows you to celebrate the early days of cinema and the art of performance.
  • Fashion Enthusiasts: Nellie's costume reflects the bold fashion of the 1920s. If you have an affinity for vintage styles, particularly flapper fashion, this costume is an excellent choice.

Who Should Think Twice About the Nellie LaRoy Costume Idea?

About Nellie Laroy
Movie poster of 'Dancing Jewel' featuring the lead actress Nellie LaRoy.

While the Nellie LaRoy costume has its allure, it may not be the best fit for everyone. Consider the following before choosing this costume:

  • Those Preferring Subtle or Low-Key Costumes: Nellie's costume is bold and eye-catching. If you prefer more understated or less attention-grabbing outfits, this might not be your ideal choice.
  • Individuals Unfamiliar with "Babylon" or 1920s Culture: If you are not familiar with the film or the era it represents, you might not feel as connected to the character and her significance.
  • People Uncomfortable with Glamorous or Revealing Attire: Given the nature of Nellie’s costume, which includes a deep V-neck dress, it might not be suitable for those who are uncomfortable with more revealing outfits.
  • Non-Fans of Historical or Themed Costumes: If your preference leans towards contemporary or fantasy costumes, the historical and thematic nature of Nellie's outfit might not appeal to you.
  • Individuals Seeking a More Active or Practical Costume: Nellie’s costume, with its elegant dress and high heels, might not be the most practical choice for those looking for a costume that allows for more mobility or active participation in Halloween activities.

Additional Tips for the Nellie LaRoy Costume

Nellie LaRoy Dress Up

To truly capture the essence of Nellie LaRoy, a character rich in detail and depth, here are some additional tips:

  1. Makeup and Beauty: Embrace the 1920s makeup style. Focus on bold, smoky eyes, dark lipstick, and a touch of rouge to bring out the flapper charm. Don't forget to draw attention to your brows with a dramatic arch.
  2. Accessorizing: Enhance your costume with period-appropriate accessories. Consider adding a feathered headband, a long string of pearls, or art deco-inspired jewelry to complement the dress.
  3. Hairstyling: Aim for a hairstyle that captures the 1920s flapper look. Short bobs, finger waves, or marcel waves are excellent choices. If you have long hair, consider a faux bob style to keep in theme.
  4. Footwear Comfort: While high heels are ideal for the costume, comfort is key. Opt for heel inserts or choose a pair with a comfortable fit for extended wear.
  5. Perfecting the Posture and Poise: Nellie is not just about the look; it's about the attitude. Practice walking and moving with the grace and confidence characteristic of a 1920s Hollywood starlet.
  6. Character Study: To embody Nellie’s character fully, watch clips from "Babylon" or similar films to understand her mannerisms and behavior.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Nellie LaRoy

Nellie LaRoy Outfits

Classic 1920s Hollywood Ensemble

For a group the

me, extend the glitz of the 1920s beyond Nellie LaRoy. Include:

  1. Jack Conrad: Team up with a partner dressed as Jack Conrad from "Babylon" for a stunning Hollywood pair.
  2. Flapper Girls and Dapper Gentlemen: Friends can don fringe dresses and pinstripe suits, embodying the quintessential 1920s style.
  3. Silent Film Stars: Expand the theme with costumes representing various silent film icons, showcasing the era's cinematic diversity.
  4. Jazz Musicians: Add a musical dimension with group members dressed as jazz musicians, complete with period-appropriate instruments.

Margot Robbie Inspired Costume Ideas

Create a captivating group theme by exploring the diverse roles portrayed by Margot Robbie:

  1. Harley Quinn from the DC Universe: Add a touch of vibrant chaos with the iconic Harley Quinn, a stark contrast to the 1920s elegance.
  2. Sharon Tate from "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood": Incorporate the allure of late 1960s Hollywood with Sharon Tate's glamorous style.
  3. Tonya Harding from "I, Tonya": Bring in a blend of sports and drama with the infamous figure skater’s costume.
  4. Jane Porter from "The Legend of Tarzan": Opt for an adventurous and classic look with Jane Porter’s outfit.
  5. Barbie from "Barbie" (2023): Add a modern and whimsical touch with Barbie’s vibrant and eclectic fashion, reflecting Robbie’s upcoming role in the 2023 film.

Nellie LaRoy Costume FAQs

  • What is essential for the Nellie LaRoy costume?
    • The key elements include a sexy deep V-neck red maxi dress, lace high-leg briefs, open-toe ankle strap high heels, and fake cigarettes.
  • How should I style my hair for the Nellie LaRoy costume?
    • Aim for a 1920s-inspired hairstyle with soft waves or loose curls, creating a look that flutters around the face.
  • Can I adapt the costume for colder weather?
    • Yes, consider layering with thermal wear beneath the dress and adding a vintage-style coat or shawl for warmth.
  • What makeup should I use for the Nellie LaRoy look?
    • Focus on bold, smoky eyes, dark lipstick, and a touch of rouge to capture the 1920s flapper makeup style.
  • Are there any specific accessories I should add?
    • Enhance your costume with a feathered headband, a long string of pearls, or art deco-inspired jewelry.
  • How can I ensure comfort in high heels throughout the night?
    • Opt for heel inserts or choose a pair of high heels with a comfortable fit, possibly with a lower heel.
  • What if I'm not comfortable with a revealing dress?
    • You can choose a red dress with a less plunging neckline or add a stylish lace camisole underneath for more coverage.
  • Is this costume suitable for a themed party beyond Halloween?
    • Absolutely, the Nellie LaRoy costume is perfect for any 1920s-themed event or a Hollywood glam party.
  • Can the costume be made on a budget?
    • Yes, you can find similar dresses and accessories at thrift stores or consider DIY approaches to create the look.


Stepping into the role of Nellie LaRoy for Halloween is an invitation to immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of the 1920s. This costume not only allows you to explore the fashion and style of a bygone era but also to embody the spirit of a bold and rebellious character. Whether you're attending a Halloween party or a themed event, the Nellie LaRoy costume is a stunning choice that promises to turn heads and spark conversations. So, embrace the elegance, allure, and drama of the 1920s, and enjoy a night of timeless glamour as the unforgettable Nellie LaRoy.

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