Joe Goldberg Outfits

Joe Goldberg Costume

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Joe Goldberg's Spotter Shirt
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Joe Goldberg's Quarter Zip Sweater
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Joe Goldberg's Blue Jacket
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Joe Goldberg's Denim Shirt
Joe Goldberg's Pea Coat
Joe Goldberg's White T-Shirt
Joe Goldberg's Brown Boots
Joe Goldber's Brown Belt
Joe Goldberg's Sunglasses
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Books Read By Joe From Netflix's You

The Book Read By Joe Goldberg

How To Dress Like Joe Goldberg

Dress Like Joe Goldberg From You; Joe Goldberg costume consists of elvis color trucker jacket, light blue long sleeve shirt, dark brown belt, black college bag and brown combat boots, to complete your Joe Goldberg look don't forget to get grey baseball cap and slate grey jean pants.

Joe Goldberg Halloween Costume

Joseph Goldberg is a fictional character and main character in the You book series by Caroline Kepnes and the television series of the same name, in which he is portrayed as a teenager by American actor Penn Badgley, Gianni Ciardiello and Aidan Wallace. Joe is a serial killer, stalker, and former bookstore manager who, when he meets Guinevere Beck at his work in New York, develops an extreme, toxic, and deceptive obsession. After moving to Los Angeles to escape his filthy past, he meets passionate chef Love Quinn and begins to indulge in his old habits of obsession and violence to escape the fate of his earlier romantic endeavors.

Joe Goldberg Outfits

Joe is a serial killer, stalker, and former bookstore manager who develops an extreme, toxic, and sociopathic obsession when he meets Guinevere Beck at his workplace. He begins tracking her through social media and technology to track her whereabouts and remove any obstacles that stand in the way of his relationship with Beck.

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