Dress Like Joe Goldberg

Discovering Joe Goldberg's Unique Style for Halloween and Beyond

As the Halloween season approaches, many of us are in search of the perfect costume that not only embodies a character but also offers comfort and style. Look no further than Joe Goldberg from Netflix's popular series, "You." Joe's fashion sense may lean towards the understated, but it's undeniably practical and effortlessly chic. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how to transform into Joe Goldberg, both for Halloween and everyday fashion.


Joe Goldberg Costume


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Other Items Worn By Joe Goldberg From Netflix's You

  • Joe Goldberg's Shirts and T-Shirts:

Joe Goldberg's wardrobe consists of mostly basic and simple clothing, including t-shirts and shirts. He tends to stick with neutral colors and avoids bold patterns or prints. Here are some examples of the type of shirts and t-shirts Joe Goldberg wears:

  1. Basic t-shirts: Joe often wears basic t-shirts in neutral colors like white, gray, or black. These t-shirts are usually made of cotton or a soft, comfortable material.
  2. Henley shirts: Joe is also seen wearing long-sleeved Henley shirts in neutral colors. These shirts have a collarless neckline with a button placket, giving them a simple and classic look.
  3. Button-up shirts: Joe wears button-up shirts occasionally, usually in muted colors like navy blue or gray. These shirts are typically slim-fitted and made of lightweight material.
  • Joe Goldberg's Sweaters and Jackets:

Joe Goldberg's wardrobe is characterized by practicality and simplicity, and this extends to his choices of sweaters and jackets as well. Here are some examples of the type of sweaters and jackets he wears in the series:

  1. Simple crew-neck sweaters: Joe often wears simple crew-neck sweaters in muted colors like gray, black, or navy blue. These sweaters are typically made of wool or a wool blend and provide warmth and comfort during colder weather.
  2. Zip-up hoodies: Joe is also seen wearing zip-up hoodies in muted colors like black or dark gray. These hoodies are often made of a soft, comfortable material like cotton and provide a casual and relaxed look.
  3. Bomber jackets: Joe wears bomber jackets occasionally, usually in neutral colors like black or olive green. These jackets have a classic and timeless look and are perfect for layering over a simple t-shirt or sweater.
  4. Leather jackets: Joe wears a leather jacket in some episodes, which is a timeless piece that adds a bit of edge to any outfit. His leather jacket is simple, with a classic design and muted color.
  • Joe Goldberg's shoes and accessories:

Here are some examples of the type of shoes and accessories he wears in the series:

  1. Simple sneakers: Joe wears simple sneakers in muted colors like black, gray, or white. These sneakers are comfortable and functional, perfect for his job at the bookstore or for exploring the city.
  2. Leather boots: Joe is also seen wearing leather boots in some episodes, especially during colder weather. These boots are durable and provide warmth and protection from the elements.
  3. Baseball cap or beanie: Joe often wears a baseball cap or beanie, which is a simple accessory that adds a touch of style to his outfits. He tends to stick to muted colors and simple designs.
  4. Backpack or messenger bag: Joe carries a backpack or messenger bag, which is perfect for carrying books, snacks, and other essentials. His bags are simple and functional, with muted colors and minimal branding.
  5. Glasses: Joe wears glasses, which is a functional accessory that also adds to his overall look. His glasses have a classic design and add to his intelligent and bookish persona.

Overall, Joe Goldberg's shoe and accessory choices are practical and functional, perfect for his job at the bookstore or for exploring the city. He tends to stick to simple and classic pieces that can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Books Read By Joe From Netflix's You

How To Dress Like Joe Goldberg

Step 1: The Iconic Elvis Color Trucker Jacket:

Commence your journey by acquiring the iconic Elvis Color Trucker Jacket. Not only is this jacket a staple in Joe's wardrobe, but it also adds an element of rugged charm to your ensemble.

Step 2: The Light Blue Button-Front Shirt:

Beneath that timeless jacket, opt for a Light Blue Button-Front Shirt. It strikes a balance between casual and well-groomed, a signature aspect of Joe's style.

Step 3: Dark Brown Belt – The Cinching Accessory:

To secure your outfit, cinch it with a Dark Brown Belt, mirroring Joe's commitment to simplicity. This accessory ties your look together with functionality and flair.

Step 4: Slate Grey Jean Pants – Embrace Practicality:

Slide into comfortable Slate Grey Jean Pants designed to keep you agile, a nod to Joe's always-on-the-move lifestyle.

Step 5: The White Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt:

Layer your ensemble with a White Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt. Joe's penchant for layering adds depth to his outfits, making this shirt a crucial piece for authenticity.

Emulating Joe's Persona at the Halloween Soiree – 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Confidence as Your Costume:

Channel Joe's unwavering confidence. At the Halloween party and in everyday life, exude self-assuredness – a trait that defines his character.

Step 2: Minimalistic Conversations:

Just like Joe, maintain a minimalistic approach to conversations. Keep interactions concise and purposeful, avoiding unnecessary chatter.

Step 3: Engage in Observational Socializing:

Imitate Joe's keen observation skills. Pay attention to the people around you, and when engaging in conversations, reference something you've observed about them.

Step 4: Maintain a Low-Key Presence:

Emulate Joe's preference for blending into the crowd. Keep a low-key aura, avoiding excessive attention and drama.

Step 5: Be Mysterious, Not Overly Revealing:

Mystery is part of Joe's allure. Whether at the Halloween party or in everyday encounters, reveal just enough to pique curiosity, but not too much to unravel the enigma.

Unraveling Joe Goldberg – A Complex Character Portrait:

Joe Goldberg, brilliantly portrayed by Penn Badgley, is more than just a character; he's an intricate study in human complexity. Dive into Joe's intricate personality, from his humble bookseller facade to his dark and compelling actions.

Pro Tips to Perfect Your Joe Goldberg Transformation:

  • Don't overlook the Grey Baseball Cap – Joe's signature accessory that elevates your costume and fashion game.
  • Choose Brown Combat Boots for an edgy touch that aligns with Joe's practical yet stylish footwear.
  • Study Joe's mannerisms and speech patterns to embody the character more convincingly.
  • Practice Joe's intense, mysterious gaze to captivate attention and intrigue.
  • Carry a prop, such as a Zippo lighter, to initiate conversations and deepen your character portrayal.

 Concluding Your Journey as Joe Goldberg:

In conclusion, Joe Goldberg's style and character offer a distinctive and captivating choice for Halloween costume enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike. By following our step-by-step guide and embracing Joe's persona, you can captivate both Halloween partygoers and those who appreciate practical, everyday fashion. With comfort, style, and an air of mystery, you're prepared for a memorable Halloween and beyond as Joe Goldberg from "You."

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